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    What size restrictor for the DBB turbo

    currently have a silver color restrictor for the DBB turbo. Problem is blue smoke from the tail pipe, does get a little better when the motor warms up. never had this problem with a journal bearing turbo. would it be safe to go with a smaller restrictor? pressure at idle did go up to 30 when...
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    Which color spring to change oil pressure

    Does anyone remember what the pressure is for each color spring?? Currently using the yellow. Seems to be too much for DBB turbo. Lots of smoke during start up.Gets better when it warms up. Never had this problem w/journal berring. Talked to Patrick @PTE and suggested checking the...
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    Fast for sale

    FAST bank to bank fuel management for sale $1200 This includes adapter harness, Wideband O2, Program for 84# injectors but can be easily change to other sizes. John Kinzer 281-610-8151
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    Power Plate for Champion Intake

    When will there be a power plate for the Champion Intake? It would be great to be able to lean out a little on the big end instead of have to run fat just to kill detenation on a couple of cylinders.
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