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  1. hawkfan

    87 Limited Grille and Bumper Imapct Stripes

    I'm looking for a NICE '87 grille and NICE front and rear bumper impact strips with white pinstripe. I'm getting my car painted and want to replace these items while I have them off the car. Figured I'd throw this up here first before getting reproduction pieces.
  2. hawkfan

    Dakota Digital HDX Dash

    Before I bought my VHX last year, I asked Dakota Digital if they were working on an HDX dash for GNs. They didn't have anything in the works at that time, but apparently that's changed. They now have an HDX version available. The major improvements are the ability to change needle colors and...
  3. hawkfan

    Original Radiator Hose Clamps

    I'm looking for original GM radiator hose clamps for the lower hose. The wire style. I lost the bolt to one of mine and I can't find the clamps online anywhere. If anyone knows where to get these new or used let me know.
  4. hawkfan

    Ported Compressor Shroud

    For those that have turbos with ported shrouds, did the shroud get rid of part throttle surge? I have a TE-44 and PTE SLIC and I'm tired of the part throttle surge.
  5. hawkfan

    87 Limited Turbo T Grille(Chrome)

    Need an 87 Limited grille in good condition complete with mounting bracket on the bottom for the radiator box- in mat. Send pics if you have one.
  6. hawkfan


    Bought one of these since my T is missing the large section at the bottom of the radiator: I got the side pieces in but I can't find any way to fasten the front of the bottom piece to the front...
  7. hawkfan

    Tight Timing Chain

    I'm replacing my stock timing set with a TA V1522b. The old chain slid right off after I took off the tensioner. The TA chain is tight enough that I think I will have to tap on the cam sprocket to get everything back together. Is this normal or am I about to screw up?
  8. hawkfan

    Rear Suspension Mounting Hole Repair

    Can anything be done to repair stretched control arm mounting holes?
  9. hawkfan


    It seems like this can be done with today's technology. I have an AEM TruBoost that I'm only using as a boost gauge that packs a lot of function into the size of a 2-1/16" gauge. I'm only using one of its functions, but the buttons and display remind me of the Scanmaster. I think Autometer uses...
  10. hawkfan

    MAF Filtering In Chip?

    I thought I would post this here to get the attention of one of the TR chip gurus. I have part throttle compressor surge with my current setup. Looking at my PL logs, I can see how the surge is wreaking havoc on the MAF signal and injector duty cycle. I was wondering if a chip can be programmed...
  11. hawkfan

    Wheel Spacers?

    I put LS1 brakes on the Limited and am having clearance issues with the larger calipers and 16" GTA wheels. They rub a little and I need just a tiny bit more room. I hate the idea of spacers but it looks like I have no choice here. Any recommendations on some good 1/4" or less spacers to use...
  12. hawkfan

    Metal Vs. Plastic Heater Control Valve

    Pulled over to check a log and saw smoke coming from under the hood. Saw coolant spurting out from the plastic heater control valve diaphragm. I'm aware that the original was metal. Is the metal heater control valve better? The plastic ones are really cheap and available at my local parts...
  13. hawkfan

    Passenger Side Spark Plug Wire Separator

    Anybody know where to get the spark plug separator that's mounted to the passenger side valve cover? Mine is broken of course.
  14. hawkfan

    Power Steering Flush Questions

    I was siphoning out my old power steering fluid and found this sitting inside the reservoir: What is this and is it supposed to be in the reservoir? Another question: What's the best power steering fluid for a TR? I bought some Lucas power steering fluid but want to be sure the car doesn't...
  15. hawkfan

    Methanol in Augusta GA

    Installed Razor's kit and would like to know if there is a methanol supplier in the Augusta area. The only place I can find so far is the track in SC. I know I can use denatured alcohol as well but would like to use meth because the kit was designed for it and it is much cheaper.
  16. hawkfan

    Is The Cat Hanger Really Needed?

    Hopefully this is an easy question for a TR vet to answer. My trans installer didn't reinstall my cat hanger since it was torn almost completely in half. Now I'm trying to decide whether to buy another one or not. Is the cat hanger really needed? If not, does the trans at least need to be...
  17. hawkfan

    Valve Stem Locks And Spring Pressure

    I'm getting the parts together to replace my valve springs and had a question about the valve locks. My new springs will require -0.050 locks and was wondering whether to get 7 or 10 degree locks. Also does anyone have any recommended manufacturers for valve locks? The vendor who I bought the...
  18. hawkfan

    Rear Disc Conversion Parking Brake

    Just wanted to throw this question out there since it rarely gets answered in the rear disc conversion threads I've searched. How are you connecting the parking brake on your LS1, LT1, or whatever rear disc brake conversion you chose? I want rear discs, but also want a functioning parking brake.
  19. hawkfan

    LT1 Rear Disc Brake Questions

    I know the LS1 disc conversion(s) is the big thing right now and I'm planning to do the 12" LS1 set up for the front, but I have some questions about the "LT1" rear disc set up. It looks like it requires no cutting of the axle tube flanges with brackets from Flynbye and has an integrated e-brake...
  20. hawkfan

    Looking For A TR Tech/Shop In Augusta GA Area

    I have an 87 Limited that I've been working on myself for the past year. I've reached the point where I need some outside assistance. I'd lke to get the timing set and maybe the rear main seal replaced. I already have the parts on hand for both. I'd also like to get my Eaton posi installed. I...