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    My 1964 Buick Electra 225 Hardtop Coupe on BaT

    In addition to having to sell my 87 Limited T that is currently in the For Sale section, i'm forced to also sell my 1964 Electra. Its up for auction on BaT and ends in 7 days. If anyone is looking for an amazing cruiser for a great deal...
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    1987 Turbo T Limited 87K Reduced to $12,495 Last reduction

    New update 2-14-18 at end of ad. I took ownership of it in October of 2012 with 84k on the clock as you can see i don't get to drive it nearly enough as it only has 87k today. In addition i have a bunch of paperwork from the original owner and the 2nd owner i bought it from. The original ad...
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    New Brass Prop Valve leaks

    On my 2nd brass prop valve and it still leaks from the front plunger area when the car is sitting overnight. Converted to vacuum brakes, new booster, new master. Bled everything via vacuum and manual. Pedal feels great, stops great. No idea why it keeps leaking. Its not the lines going in...
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    Shop recommendations in New England

    I need some work done on my 87 limited T, rear main, timing chain, valve springs, and injectors. I'm just out of time to do it myself. I am halfway through the rear main seal replacement and the original rope seal just disintegrates as i try to pull it out, tried every tool, sneaky pete, a...
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    Are replacement rear control arms needed for a stock street car?

    My 87 Limited T is in need of new shocks and springs all around, as its still running on originals and some replacement cargo springs from the 90s in the rear. Heights are all different at each wheel. I've read countless threads and i think i'm more confused then ever, lol.. My biggest...
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    All GM Show, Johnston RI Sunday 6/22

    Anyone else thinking about going?
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    Eastern Mass GMO - Buick Olds Pontiac Caddilac Fall Show Sunday October 6

    Anyone going? Thinking about heading up if the weather is nice. All cars are welcomed they said. No year cut off or anything.
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    What is this off the front of the passenger side valve cover?

    Noticed this piece has disintegrated and was wondering what it is and how to replace it. Its coming off the front of the passenger side valve cover behind the turbo.
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    Little Rhody Pontiac All GM Show June 23rd

    Anyone planning on attending this all GM show on June 23rd? Saw some t-types in the pictures from past events they have had.
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    need help hanging front fender

    Had to do repairs to the front passenger side after a hit and run... Had to replace the fender, inner fender, wheel well, header panel and front bumper. Right now i'm at the point of hanging the new fender, inner fender and wheel well are bolted into place, but i'm having a hell of a time...
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    ttaowner A+

    Quick shout out to James (ttaowner) great guy, easy to deal with and has any part you could ever need. Helped me out this weekend working around my schedule to get a couple inner fender parts needed to fix my limited T. michael
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    Pass. Turbo inner fender, metal and hard plastic

    Like the title says, i'm in need of a turbo inner fender both the metal piece and the hard plastic liner. Located in RI. Thanks Michael
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    Vin Check Please.. Thank you!

    Hi can i get a carfax check on the following Vin. 1G4GM1179HP411268 Thx Michael