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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    So a couple weeks ago was the adirondak nationals here in NY(big car show and cruise- picture a small mountain town jampacked with everything from a restored T to a opal GT with a 540) We met a couple of my dads friends up there- one of who is selling an 87 GN. we are in the process of...
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    How much $ am i looking at?

    I just got a quick look at the GN im looking at. unfortuneatly, the owner wasnt there, so i could just look at the body and such. body=great shape, at least for a NY car. didnt get a good look underneath. But now i have a couple questions on getting her up & running- 1- How much will a stock...
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    any NYers, need a favor

    I need help form sombody in upstate NY that knows their GN's. theres a 87 for sale in mechanicville, NY. I would rather have somebody look at it for me or come when i do, because im new to GN's, or G-bodys for the matter. Plus you know nobodys going to take a 18 yr old kid seriously. Ill pay for...
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    87 GN info needed!

    After reading a certain story with a GN in it, my interest in these cars was rekindled. Ill have the money for a decent one after i sell my mustang. anyway, theres a 87 GN for sale in the next town from me. The ad says its got new paint, new interior, 100k. the price isnt bad either. So can you...