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    Connector help

    This thread's got some funny stuff here
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    Bowling Green 2020,all welcome.

    Why quarter panels have those funny marks:
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    Bowling Green 2020,all welcome.

    Sometimes strange folk show up:
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    T6Pee party thread. (members only).

    Did Ilean make it back? Somebody lost a sheep...
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    Wild Electrical Issue Kicking Our Butts With Headlight and Instrument Dimmer Switch

    Caspers electronics have reproduced that flex circuit board BTW.
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    I did this recently. Can't be too mad, now both sides match. :o
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    Which is preferred? Delco TPS sensors(which version) or Standard Motor Products SMP TH49

    Do any of the currently produced units have the "AC" in the mold? Molds are not cheap and I would have expected one of the new makers to acquire them when they took over production.
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    need 5 things from the grocery

    oooo- tough one... deli cold cuts dates danish daquiri mix drumsticks (chicken)
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    If it uses the sender on their website it is a standard 0.5-4.5 volt analog sender, so where does the 5volt requirement come into it?(rhetorical question). An interesting puzzle for us but a big PITA for you. I would theorize the 12v supply is dipping when you start and causing a...
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    How old is your battery? The gauge supplies 5v and gnd to the sender?
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    CCCI fuse keeps popping

    You could warm ( don't get carried away) the module and coil with a heat gun to try to duplicate the suspected thermal triggering condition. Hair dryer would be a safer choice, don't make it warmer than you can stand to touch.
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    can't find accumulator ball

    Looks like Dennis is OOS Try contacting Richard Clark's garage. If he has a used one at least he has tested it for capacity
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    Fraud warning

    He? Stolen identity? They all seem to be females
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    Most popular calibers??

    IF you have your RPAL get a lower in the next few days, you can pick the caliber later...
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    what is the Buick BIBLE

    “Frau Blücher” “SEDAGIVE!?”
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    Parts to Kirban's Open House May 4th

    If BluickT doesn't want it I'll take it ,LMK
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    Want to see stupid?

    10k miles? my *ss. Its got air bags. I've got a 100K car with a much nicer original turbo cover.
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    Anything new in headlights for our cars?

    HIDs look stock until they turn on
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    in need of 2.1 scan master

    Did you ask Bob? HE is very accommodating
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    New LED Headlights are dim

    Sounds like some no-name LED lamps? The only ones DOT approved that I know of are J.W.Speaker at around $275 EA