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    Comp 4bolt CT43-8079 Turbo For Sale

    I have a Comp turbo CT43 with an 80mm Compressor wheel and a HE79 exhaust wheel. The compressor cover has an 4" inlet and 3" outlet. It comes with 1.32 divided housing and a .96 undivided housing. It has the triple ball bearing center section that is water cooled. It was rebuilt in Feb of this...
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    $High Dollar Injectors---Worth It?

    Doing some research on the latest 160lb/min - 1650cc/min injectors available, and came across the latest rave Injector Dynamic PN1700. and FIC 1650cc/min injectors. Both cost about $1400 for a set of 6. I do think these are both high impedance, which is not a requirement for the FAST...
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    Anyone tried the Borg Warner S484 turbo yet?

    I'm wondering what kind of match up these turbos would be for the stage II stuff? Turbo specs are 84mm Compressor / 87mm Turbine
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    How much was low timing hurting power?

    Well I'm try to get an idea here of how much power was being missed out on by running low timing. short story.. I was running effectively 16 deg total advance at 28PSI. I went 9.16@150.2mph. How much do you think power wise I was hurting myself, compared to like 21deg at the same boost?
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    Boost Controller Gate Pressure

    Guys, How much gate pressure does it take to make 32 psi? I think I have a 8psi spring. Engine is stage II 274". Thanks
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    Racing fuel prices not going down like pump gas

    Can someone please educate me as why VP and similar producers of racing fuel has not lowered their prices?
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    Making Power in High Humidity

    I guess it is prob not a great idea to turn up the wick in high humidity so, what humidity do you guys starting trying to make serious power? My car is ready for some shake down passes, but perhaps I should wait until October sometime where the humidity is down to around 70% in my state, what...
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    Deceleration Tunning

    All, I am trying to straighten out my street tune on my CLASSIC FAST for when I lift the throttle and then mash the gas again (tune PIA engaged lol). Anyway, the problem I am working on is the engine is going to 9.80AFR and lower when I lift the gas and the throttle blade closes. So much that...
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    What size turbine wheel (Inducer) is needed to make 1000Hp at the tire?

    What is the smallest turbine wheel do you think can meet this Hp goal? Lets keep the compressor wheel under 82mm. What is the largest exhaust wheel you would go with to meet this goal and still have "decent" spool response? Thanks
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    Loading effects on AFRs

    I have been thinking about some data logs I took of some runs on a back street near my house. The first log is were I did a nice linear roll into the throttle ion second gear. The tires hooked decently and I ran it up to about 6500rpm before shifting into third and letting out. In viewing the...
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    High AFRs at 30lbs on my stage II

    I am about to start diagnosing a potential problem and would like to see if anyone has seen this before or has some thoughts. I am seeing AFRs in the high 11, low 12 :jawdrop: when I crank the boost up to 30lbs. I have made three passes and the MPH is consistently in the low 150s. Injectors =...
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    Changing over to a distributor with the classic FAST box Cam Sync issue

    The Cam Sync value on my classic FAST dashboard reads 0 when the engine is running. I am using an old classic FAST harness adapter (not caspers) and it does not have a wire going to D3 on the FAST box. D3 is the Cam Rtn according to the ECU pinout. I do see a wire going into C3 which is the...
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    What's the limit on this setup?

    Stage II 274" GN1 heads/intake maxed out / DLS cam. Th400/PTC converter. Stock ignition now, but changing to a MSD Power Grid soon. RJC big air/air. 120lb injectors / race gas. Turbo is a Comp with Pro-mod compressor cover 76mm billet / Turbine = 79mm with a undivided 0.96 AR (I think) maybe one...
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    Manual Steering Conversion Comparision

    I posted this in another thread, but it is good to make this a separate thread. I'll provide updates as I go I am converting my GN from power steering to manual to shed some weight up front. I am hoping to loose about 30lbs. Well see. I have been researching this stuff for two days and have...
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    Pistons, Cam, 28 spline EATON, New QA1 Shocks for Sale

    Hi Folks, I have a few items for sale. Please send all paypal payments to Here is a list of what all this is. 1) Set of Speedpro pistons 3.830 bore with pins. They are pressed on to stock dot 2 rods and come with a complete set of ARP2000 rod bolts. These came out of a...
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    Job Well Done

    I would like to show my appreciation to a job well done to the author of the thread “Engine Pic” posted a few weeks back. I got in contact with Chris Hogeland when I was at my last hope of ever having a stout stage II V6 in my 87 GN. Chris not only resurrected my engine from the grave but has...
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    Battery Going Dead, Key OFF Current Draw?

    So the issue is the battery goes dead overnight after spending a few hours on the charger. I placed a current meter in series with the negative side of battery to measure the current draw with the key off. I am getting 0.170 amps consistently. When the key is turned ON, but not cranking it...
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    Built 109 Short Block

    Hi I am looking for a built short block that is ready to go. It can have heads for the right price. I prefer a girdled, forge piston, steel crank motor with a decent cam. But please let me know what you have. Please no junk, I am planning on making some decent power > 700hp with it...
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    Found water in my oil could it be the turbo

    Well , Yea it sucks, but I did a coolant system pressure test and it stayed at 19psi for 4 hours yesterday. So I am brainstorming the possibilities. The turbo I have is a Comp, it is water cooled so I am wondering can water get past some sort of seal and drain back into the oil pan? Has anyone...
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    Turbo Heat Blanket/Shield

    When I look at peoples pics I rarely see a heat shield. Even on the GT40 type exhaust housing, I hardly see a heat shield being used. I am thinking of getting a heat shield/blanket for my 76-4bolt turbo, but don't want to spend the 100 bucks or so if there is a caveat or something I'm...