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    congrats to the post office

    Several months ago I shipped a forged rotating kit to someone in california. It was carefully packaged in two boxes. One box contained the pistons and rods and the other contained a crank and camshaft. They were packed so well that I had no concerns with handling damage but was concerned that it...
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    Two GNX's for sale

    next weekend (sat march 5) there will be two really nice (very low mileage <500 ) gnx's for sale at auction in greensboro they are not mine ! .........they are from the collection of the late Todd Whitworth who was a genuine Turbo regal lover.......also on the block are two ultra low...
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    Interesting cam problem

    I will comment on this evening
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    interesting numbers

    Been busy conducting some flowbench studies on a few items. Plan in the next few weeks to do just about every combo I can round up related to intakes. Here are some to start with: CFM @ 28” all values rounded to nearest whole number, each runner flowed individually with others blocked...
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    stock main caps

    i am looking to buy a few sets of stock main caps ---------would like to buy full sets but will take pieces if you have them--------if you have some left over from bad blocks or steel cap installs i will pay a fair price for them-------they need to be in good condition and can be from 109 or hot...
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    rule clarifications

    posted on the GSCA are the official rules for 2010 TSA class----------virtually the same as last year--------a lot of points have been clarified to answer a lot of questions...............RC
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    air flow through stock intake parts

    i was asked by several interested in TAS just what was the limit of flow with the stock air intake parts---------i did some flowbench testing and here are some of the results------i am printing these here for everyone to see since i would think anyone interested in this class would want to know...
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    anyone remember?

    after everyone had left i found one of the door prizes left in a box on the table----somehow we overlooked it completely------no one handed it to me when we were drawing for tickets and there were so many i didn't even miss it------it was the PM brake switch-------i thought i would give it to...