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    the truth!

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    chrome plating removal

    Like the title says I'd like to remove the plating on my maf pipe and turbo shield. Then polish and leave bare. Any tips or tricks for a do at home job? Could I sand with maybe a 220 300 and finish with a 1200? Before I hit it with my polishing wheels? Wasn't sure how durable this shit is.
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    opinions appreciated

    Couple questions. As it sits now it's on moog springs, Bilsteins and boxed stock lowers. Bilsteins will be replaced with new Bilsteins. At a minimum all bushings back there are in dire need of replacement and will also be replaced. For a car that's 100% street driven (but on sticky Mickey...
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    interesting to say the least Me likey
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    alkycontrol voltage question

    Chasing something not right. Used to be I'd hit the test button in the driveway (it would bog) and the system would be "primed" and ready for the rest of my drive and I'd have zero knock. Now its become I need to hit the test button if I know I'll be in boost within the next minute or so. If I...
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    DMH electric cutout

    Wtb working 3" single electric cutout from DMH
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    DMH electric motor

    Like the title says I need a replacement motor for my cutout. No I have not reached out to DMH. Does anyone know where i can source one from? A search of the internet finds many others in the same boat. Hey vendors there's a killing to be made on replacement electric motors for DMH cutouts!
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    big thanks

    To Jim Dunn for getting my car sorted. The quality of work he did and the attention to detail he showed was outstanding. The car was slowly regressing over the last couple years. I kept it in storage and it didnt come out often due to the weekends being full of Scouting, marching band, or crew...
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    Couple Questions

    I have a precision 6776 dbb. I'd like to take the compressor cover off. Is it as simple as it looks? Unbolt and take off carefully? Can I leave the turbo bolted in place while I pull the cover? I'd like to clean up the cover once off. Any suggestions? For example clear coat, or anodized, or...
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    Sunday Nov 2nd

    Anyone going?
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    Issue resolved

    I can't be the only one who reads thru a post page after page of great advice helping a fellow owner trouble shoot x,y and z only to get to the end and it just stops! Gone! Nothing! What did he find? Did he throw in the towel and sell?! Push it off a bridge?! If you post that you need help then...
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    speedometer stopped working

    it was always "bouncy" but today just out of the driveway it stopped working altogether. and now the trans isnt shifting. (this happened together)is the cable that controls the speedometer also tied in with the trans? Im hoping to hear theyre related and its only gonna take repairing or...
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    question for the buffers

    Ok guys its time for me to get serious about my paint. Its in very good shape with a repaint a couple of years ago. I'd like to get an orbital and bring out that shine so I'm looking for recommendations on an orbital and whatever I use to bring out that shine. You know, those little scratches in...
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    front end question

    Ok guys, when backing up and cutting my wheel all the way to the left I get a feeling in the front end like its falling over. It is slightly audible but its more of a feeling almost as if there are patches of ice and as I'm backing up the front passenger side wheel is slipping in a patch of ice...
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    no kill here

    so my daughter and i are heading home when ahead of us at the light is a brand spanking new camaro ss. i open up the electric dump and pull up next to him. he puts his window down i do the same. i say "we gonna do this?" he says "i dont mess with grand nationals":biggrin: we pulled away calmly...
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    Cod Black Ops

    anybody who plays black ops on ps3 and wants to get owned like a little sissy bi**h. or if youre ready to be humiliated in front of friends, family and loved ones. leave me your user name. syke! i actually stink but i like playing. PM me and we can sh*t talk a bunch of ten year olds:biggrin:
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    rep. gabrielle giffords from arizona shot

    cant wait to find out who shot her. the liberal media is probably going to try and spin the attacker into some nutjob who listens to beck and limbaugh. watch
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    hello virginia

    greetings from the garden state. a buddy of mine just bought his first GN. he lives in farmville VA. hes not mechanically inclined and im not sure he knows what the internet is. (hes old) hes looking for a buick specialist in VA. his car runs great now but we all know its a matter of time. any...
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    replacing VDO gauges

    any suggestions or personal experiences with something other than VDO? i don't like their lighting or how they look. performance wise they're fine. i saw a brand called glowshift that looked great but im not familiar with them. yes im trying to spruce up the interior ( let the flaming begin). a...
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    looking for a friend

    i have a friend up from virginia for the weekend and is looking to get a buick. preferably in southern/central jersey. leave me a link or some info and i will check back thru out the day. we can come see it this weekend if its not too far. thanks