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  1. N2BUICK

    GNX style dash cluster

    This is an gauge cluster with no mechanical gauges. This was in my 1987 T., which I bought as a roller. I have never used this dash and the components came with the car. The cluster was special made to adapt to a turbo regal car. I saw the car was driving in 2006 I believe, local OKC car. The...
  2. N2BUICK

    Power master cycling to often

    86GN power master problem. The brakes are good stops never an issue there. Consistent cyling is the issue. Leave key on, power master pump will cycle every 1 min, 45 seconds. I have read the trouble shooting material and its not clear cut on what to do. I suspect an internal fluid leak What is...
  3. N2BUICK

    GN power steering box

    Not sure where to post this . I am trying to find out more about a PS steering box. Hoping someone could help. Former owner had it rebuilt, it has been powered coated silver. I am including a pic of data on the input shaft. Its lock/lock is just under 2.5 turns. Isn't this similar to all GN...
  4. N2BUICK


    I have pieces of two assemblies for sale. AC evaporators are gone, still have heater coils. I saw someone posted needing a specific part of the assembly but cant locate the post? Another board? These peices are $40 each plus shipping. PayPal to FF
  5. N2BUICK

    Wet sump oil pump bracket

    Looking for an adjustment bracket for a Stock Car products oil pump. Passengers side mount A stage2 type item, long shot. Might consider a used pump with needed bracket Attaching pic of pump and bracket. Not sure pic shows correct bracket needed.
  6. N2BUICK

    Rear Viking Coil Over Kit NIB

    For sale new Viking coil over kit for G bodys, with stock rear ends. Kit is total bolt in, no welding. Springs are 150 lbs. This kit includes two spanner wrenches for adjustments. Also includes thrust bearing kits. Coil overs are double adjustable type. Boxes opened only for pictures. Kit looks...
  7. N2BUICK

    Cam sensors difference

    Looking at rebuilding a cam sensor or two. Have a couple of the pro kits . Got to looking at both, same PN . There seems to be completely different in the wear/thrust areas top and bottom. I wasn't aware of GM having different designs? Is one better than the other in design? The shiny one looks...
  8. N2BUICK

    Radiator fan motor autopsy

    Just an observation on a failure more i haven't seen. The fan motors are pretty tuff haven't seen one fail yet. Pictures show a motor i was going to salvage as i cannot determine its use. Problem found was the permanent magnets have delaminated from the out motor case. Real odd failure for...
  9. N2BUICK

    Motor plate material

    These are T6 aluminum plates. They were for V6 Buick applications I WAS TOLD. Put a timing chain in cut out for some identification. The plate with timing chain is 19.25 × 10.25 x 1/2 .4935 thick. The others are both 24 x 10 x 7/16 .3965 thick I can answer questions on existing holes size and...
  10. N2BUICK

    Seat floor trim pieces

    Assorted trim pieces. Each has gm PN that can be furnished. Each piece $10 plus shipping . A few have cracks prices negotiated on those. Price break on 5 or more.
  11. N2BUICK

    WTB scanner

    Looking for scanner or help with what to buy. There might not be a good answer for i want or can afford? Doing occasional work on american cars and need an upgrade from a code reader. Friend has GM covered with a Tech 2. I still have the trusty OTC4000 gathering dust. Maybe someone outgrown...
  12. N2BUICK

    Looking for replacement dashboard bulbs GM not GN

    1999 Suburban looking for correct replacement bulbs for AC/HEAT control head. Pics show middle bulb for reference only its for speedo clusters G body there big The small gray based bulbs are for the 3 top row. The black based are for the A/C AND RECIRCULATE BUTTONS. The small based bulbs are...
  13. N2BUICK

    Help with turbo ID

    Besides pics what else is needed to put an ID on a turbo ? The tag that was riveted on is missing.
  14. N2BUICK

    Light driver module

    Thought i would cross post this here also. Still looking for input on this device i stumbled on. It is on a spare dash as the pic shows. Looking for info on its use? I have wiring diagrams but missing page that has this device . Just an fyi I have another harness which is from a digital dash...
  15. N2BUICK

    Light Driver Module

    What does this item do ? It is on a loose wiring harness i am trying ID. This device is located near the glove box area. Thought i knew alot about these cars, but never seen this device. I can post pics if needed
  16. N2BUICK

    speed o cable lube?

    Anyone have knowledge of ways to lubricate a cable? Its making a noise and some lube would help? I have a couple of used cables and it appears the longer section from the junction at firewall to the transmission does not have a removable cable. The shorter cable from junction to speed o will...
  17. N2BUICK

    Large parts for sale

    Have some big items that are not shipping friendly for sale. These items can be brought to the Buick/Ford Shootout next weekend 10/19/2019 at Thunder Valley race way in Noble Okla. An outside chance some can be delivered to Bowling Green that are PREPAID. Friend will be going and still has room...
  18. N2BUICK

    Seat Belts for sale

    Here are some random seat belts for sale. Would like to sell as one lot. Obvious not the cleanest you have seen. Clips added to retractors to keep belts extended. $75.00 plus shipping, PayPal works for FF or add the 4% Thanks Austin Kendall N2BUICK
  19. N2BUICK

    Plastic Fantastic ( and rubber )

    Posting a new group of like items. Like is mainly plastic and rubber. Like other groups no one item is over $20 plus shipping PM or message for price and questions on condition. All parts are used with a few exceptions. Zoom in and see whats there. Better/closer pics are available. Thanks...
  20. N2BUICK

    Name these metal brackets

    This is not a test, i dont have the answers. I have a ruff general area for them but need specific. Considering listing the brackets individually in the recent Bracket Bonanza for sale post Thanks