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    Grey bottom front seat

    I need a clean and decent grey bottom cover for the T's driver side seat but suppose the passenger side will work. Usually, those are not as worn out. Please post pics and price. Jr
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    Wastegate puck

    Will the smaller diameter assembly fit into the stock elbow? How difficult or feasible would it be to make it a bolt on style fit? I read only one weld is necessary but would be nice to be able to bolt on and remove if needed. It is going on a car with stock down pipe and exhaust. Turbo is...
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    WTB stock style elbow

    Looking to buy a stock style elbow but for a PT51 which has the larger 1" hole. I want to keep the stock downpipe on this one. The puck must be made to fit such an application. Please let me know what you have.
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    Any body's old GN?

    Seen this car at a show... Anybody here remember it?
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    Fpr 237 wanted

    Need fuel pressure reg. 237 let me know what you have. $$? Thanx
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    Spent some time doing searches. Not a single website explains each pin and its function. I think I got it all but feel free to add your input. What is found on most any search I performed... My notes as information was gathered. Turbo T ALDL port TTA port Syclone Post a pic...
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    CEL to engine knock light

    I'm wondering if this feature has been implemented into the buick TT chips. I know the velosyty has it. I'm no expert but would it be possible to send the signal from the factory knock sensor to the CEL so it flashes to provide a visual indication of engine knock? I know there are other...
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    Re: injectors

    Looking to buy high impedance 42lbs injectors only. I have a chip or will consider 36lbs with chip in good working order. Price and condition...please let me know what you have.
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    LTB short block

    I'm looking for a short block in stock form or .030 max over bore build. Will look at long blocks or complete engines in the area. Please post up or PM me with details. Would like something within driving distance. Thanks.