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  1. ITSAV6

    Seeking advice on new SUV

    Just got my wife a new 4Runner. No fwd or cvt transmission. The newest one I own is a 91 mustang
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    Exhaust cutout proof

    Me too Makes all the diesel trucks jealous lol
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    Big performance upgrades advice

    Launch off a bridge 😉
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    My Son's New Car

    Vid won’t play…
  5. ITSAV6

    My Son's New Car

    Demonstrating the driver mod for my son😂
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    My Son's New Car

    The 8.8 will take a lot of abuse
  7. ITSAV6

    My Son's New Car

    He recently sold it☹️But has 2 fox bodies. My youngest son has a 2016 GT. Got 3 foxes myself. Stock 90 GT 5 speed 90 LX hatch Aod and a 91 GT with 70mm turbo and Megasquirt 2 plug and play for tuning
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    80 lb injectors and E85

  9. ITSAV6

    80 lb injectors and E85

    I trap 118-120 on hotwired Walbro 255 and a diy volt booster 14.5+- with A/F at 11.3 55# inj No alky 93 pump and 2 cans of VP Octanium
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    Drivers side exhaust manifold getting red hot

    Also real low timing can cause this.
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    precision 5562 turbo

    Journal bearing?
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    TA-49 modifications

    I don’t have alky either lol. I use VP Octanium for track use.
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    Looking to add a GNX turbo set up on my 1998 C1500 4.3 v6

    TurboV6 runs 11’s on stock boosted engine and a GM ecu. He has lotsa good info you can use.
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    Anyone using this technology?

  15. ITSAV6

    Vacuum issues and idle questions

    How old are all the vacuum lines? I changed all mine as they were all weather cracking. Looked ok til u bent them and the small cracks showed up. My idle was wonky and the vacuum gauge would flutter at idle
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    Below 80 it gets downright freezing
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    My 1990 Mustang GT blows 38 out the vent down the highway with temp in high 90’s and 45-50 at idle at those outside temps. 198,000 miles all factory ac stuff but replaced pressure switch(it was bad)turned the set screw in it 1/4 turn ccw. System has 3# when I bought car. Added conversion...