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  1. michael evans

    Wilwood 3/4 master cylinder

    I was recommended a 3/4 -inch by one person but the brakes were not that great so I called Wilwood and they told me I had the wrong size. I put it on just this spring. I will include the line kit and all for $125.00 shipped to a contental address This an almost new master and you you will only...
  2. michael evans

    Top rear trailing arms

    Up for sale is a set of Metco fixed trailing arms one off the car one still on waiting on new adjustables to get here. Only been on the car a few months $130.00 shipped to a contental US address
  3. michael evans

    Private poll (Names not shared)

    Have not heard of him before. To bad it is filled with advertisements. Takes The Bait - YouTube
  4. michael evans

    Private poll (Names not shared)

    Let me get to my laptop
  5. michael evans

    Private poll (Names not shared)

    In looking to find out why Cindy Powell is not working with Trump currently (found out why), I came across a video on Utube and it makes a bunch on sense of why Trump is doing what he is. The “video” is long (about 40 minutes or so) and filled with advertisements but find “they took the bait”.