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    New Personal Best Last Weekend 7.25 @189 Mph

    Nice pass ! I bet when you are ready we will see that mph go up about 10. :)
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    2015 GS Nationals Race Results

    Thanks Holly and Cal for all the work putting this together. Big thanks to the sponsors that helped with the payouts !
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    Police - Kills an unarmed man running away. South Carolina

    Total lack of respect for authority. Cop shouldn't have shot him but when is it ever going to end well for anyone who attacks or runs from them ?
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    Norwalk ?

    Anyone going to run TSO ?
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    Friday Quiz.

    It was at the Street Machine Nationals a few years ago. Someone restored it to be like it was when Buddy raced it. A guy I know found his old Buick up north and wanted to do the same with it but couldn't make it happen.
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    Friday Quiz.

    Talked with Buddy a few times he had some good stories .
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    2015 TSO Rules Discussion

    It is looking like the bigger question is going to be will we have any events to race at .:(
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    2015 TSO Rules Discussion

    1/8 mile ? Guess I had better start working on the reaction times now. Could be several rounds with the faster car going out with a bad light and no time to run the slower car down.
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    2015 TSO Rules Discussion

    Looking at vacation days. What are the odds of running TSO at Norwalk ?
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    Congratulations Tony Gomes NEDx275 champ

    Way to take the little v6 that could to the next level again .:D
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    Dave Fiscus 7.75 ?

    Now I am just ashamed of my old slow Buick. Might as well leave it at home and just go watch the show.
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    What did you do to your GN today?

    Blew some teeth off of the ring gear.
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    Will TSO run at BPG ?

    I wonder why most of the fast turbo cars only come out for one event ?
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    Midwest Challenge

    Time to get the Buicks ready !
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    BPG Nats

    We had a great time at the event. The racing program was very well organized as always and the weather was great for August . Had lots of good social time at the block party and got to meet some new faces. If you didn't go you missed out on a good weekend . Thanks to everyone who worked to put...
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    Will TSO run at BPG ?

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    Any Norwalk updates

    We had a great time ! A big thank you to everyone who put it together. If you didn't go you missed a great event and perfect turbo weather .
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    had the car out yesterday

    Dang it I found myself watching that movie last night, Funny the news in the first part didn't sound much different than today .