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    Brf trans core

    Was rebuilt by Ammco. Enough said! Lol I'd like $300 for it. James Feel free to text 619 three six eight 2538 I'm in havelock nc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    87 gn

    Ok here is the deal. I have a 1987 Buick grand national for sale. It is LOADED with performance parts but the body is pretty well gone. Mechanically speaking its in excellent condition. Parts include the following. Less than 1500 miles on rebuild engine and trans. Engine is .020 with speed pro...
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    3" LT1 Mafs

    I have two. One has a really small ding on the edge of the screen. If you pm me your cell number I can send you a pic. Make me a decent offer and one or both are yours. I'll never use them.
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    2006 Roush Stage III

    Light front end damage. No issues on carfax. 33,000 miles. Screaming yellow. I'm moving across the country and don't have time to fix it. Pictures will be up soon.
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    Anyone want to split a carfax?

    Let me know. I have to run one today so if you want to throw in I'll buy the multiple car option.
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    maf pro vs tt sd limitations

    concerning the ability of these setups to measure incoming air and or make fueling changes based on a WB. with the tpro the box does a speed density calc and outputs amaf signal to the ECU. If using this setup with the pro chip it the ability to make fueling corrections limited by a 755 g/s...
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    chasing an intermittent 'no start'

    I have an intermittent no start/run condition. Sometimes when it's running it runs like dog doo. By this I mean it idles at 500 rpm and misses and the IAC max's out. When it does this it will clear up while it free revs. Other times it will run fine and the IAC will drop back down to ~12 at 800...
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    Maft pro settings

    I'm having some troubles with my car and I went to verify my trans pro settings and stumbled upon this. There are two quick setup for buick GN guides on fullthrottletech. Here are excerpts from both. Notice the settings for V-out1 Set 1&2 are reversed. So my question is this: Which one is...
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    1979 hot air in the junkyard!!!

    there is a 79 turbo buick in a junk yard in san diego. Hate to see that. Hot air's aren't my thing but I figured I'd post here to let people know. If there is something you need and you're not close I may be able to grab something and ship it.
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    Parts car question

    Not really tech but didn't know where else to put it. I'm probably going to get rid of my 87 gn. The body is pretty shot but the drivetrain is solid. About 10K on rebuild engine with ported heads/intake, rolller cam, studs, great oil pressure. Ran a 7.7x in the 1/8th on 18 psi of boost and low...
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    (2) lt1 maf sensors

    I have a couple maf sensors like the title says. $36 each shipped in the lower 48.
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    3" Lt! MAF for sale

    $40 plus shipping.
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    hood fitment question

    Will a cutlas hood fit a regal?
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    anyone want...

    Maftpro powerlogger scanmaster te-61
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    Maft, scanmaster, powerlogger.

    Maft pro, scanmaster 2.1 that's been updated for use with powerlogger, and a powerlogger for sale. I have a harness I built for the maftpro so I wouldn't have to cut mine that I'll throw in (it's not pretty but it works) along with the MAT extension harness. Also, I think I have the original...
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    Gas down under

    i'm in Australia and stopped to fill up. The price is per liter and the exhange rate is about $.82 US for $1 AU. That puts the their price of gas per gallon at the below rates in US dollars. "Regular" (our premium) is a bit pricey but price wise it seems to fall in line pretty quickly. How much...
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    2000 Regal GS

    I'm the second owner. First was an older retired gentleman. It's my wifes car but we're trying to get rid of payments and she wants an wagon so off goes the GS. 88,000 miles Leather, monsoon sound, lots of options and no sunroof. $5000 obo
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    Ford trick flow heads for sale NIB

    Trick flow high port heads for small block Ford. New in box. Never even mached up on an engine. $1100 Here is a link to the heads in summit. Trick Flow Specialties TFS-51700001 - Trick Flow® High Port® Street/Strip Cylinder Heads for Small Block Ford
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    2002 Ford ZX2

    Great car, has lots of options. Just put new tires and battery in it. Located in San Diego CA. $4500 OBO
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    Need BAD ignition module

    I'm looking for a known bad ignition module. I know it's odd, but it's what I need. Thanks. james