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    86 87 oem hood insulator pad

    250 obo shipped .
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    Own new gn front impact strip, set chrome impact bumps, one powder coated black , front spoiler

    Gm oem front bumper impact strip , real gn part no white strip nos 150 obo Rear oem gn bumper strip nos 150 obo Bumper stops chrome pair 30 shipped Black power coated with new pad 20 shipped Front air dam 86 87 brand new in box 150 obo Still have stock stereo 65 obo All prices are shipped.
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    Stock ac lines , stock stereo, diagnostic tools.

    Oem ac lines sold Stock stereo tested 100 percent working including tape player 65obo Tomco o2 sensor tester 25 obo Centech inspection camera brand new still in plastic 50obo Cylinder leak tester 25 obo T type horn button 30 obo Blue type driver side door handle packing 25 obo Gn driver side...
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    T type horn button, front vanity plate, obd1 obd2 scan tool.

    Horn button 30 shipped obo See new items below.
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    Stock ac lines , 50 msd pound injectors, ac condenser, ac compressor.

    All ac parts off 70k mile car, 7k on injectors. Ac lines 110 shipped (pics assp) Ac condenser 170shipped (pics assp) 50 msd injectors plus two chips 95 shipped Stock inlet pipe drilled for alky 50obo shipped.
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    Thdp 3 inch

    No dents , not cut ,cut out pipe with 4 bolt flange where cat converter used to be. 320obo shipped.
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    Msd 50s plus 2 tt extender chips, accufab billet fps, billet breather set,

    Msd 50 pound injectors plus 2 extender chips. 140 obo. Accutab billet fps plus rail fp gauge . Sold. Billet breather set 35obo shipped. Stock computer 50obo shipped.
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    Stock computer , 009s, maf , maf translator, dutt neck ic, turbo shield.

    009 plus chip 150 shipped . Maf ,translator plus maf pipe 160 obo shipped. Stock 87 gn pcm 140 obo tested good. Stock ic with dutt neck 100 obo
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    Te44, scan master plus some nos goodies

    Garret te44, still on car, perfect working order , .63 housing. 400shipped obo. Dutt neck stock intercooler still on car prefect working order, clean fins and good scoop. 230 obo shipped. Sold Sold. Paypal only.
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    Brother vs brother

    When I got my first tr back in 99, It was horrible out of tune, needed the header fixed, and the cat was clogged, once I got it sorted out, with the help of locals off, It went from a knocking dog, to a stock turbo, intercooler, but with all the fuel it needed, and a bad ass tune and...
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    turbobuick pet peeves

    Things that i ALWAYS see that bothers me... Freshly painted gn's with t-type bumper strips, and crome marker light trim, see it ALL the time pre 87's with 87 grills, I think 86's are there own rare special car, and should be identified as such.
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    Gnx #028

    Somebody is saying they have this car in the SF bay area, I remember 028 dash plate being for sale on eBay, so any gnx with this number would make me second guess, any info? pm or email to if you wanna keep it private is welcome also.
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    Billet block buick v6?

    Ive read of some being made and sent to the middle east, does anybody have any pictures of one? what is possible performance wise? could we have something that performs like this??? Id love to see...
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    Turbobuick owners sharpest in car world?

    From my experience buick owners are the best I've seen and doing most with less, of any group of car owners, plus we all help each other out, my first buick get together i went to, it was 5 guys all working on there car, they gave me a free welded header, gutted my cat, sold me blue tops for...
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    Remember when t-types where sleepers???

    I remember when I first got my first buick in 98, people would roll there eyes when i asked for a race, or snicker , the net ruined it, now people think all buicks run 9's stock.
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    Scanmaster 2.1 and some random stuff.

    Scanmaster 2.1 everything works perfect 180obo shipped. rh marker light black for gn, nos 35obo shipped. oil fill tube with cap $50obo shipped.
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    Stock up pipe, nos rh side marker, and odds and ends......

    Stock up pipe, off a very clean 87 gn, Took it off because it was too nice to drill a hole in. $45obo shipped to lower 48, paypal. RH side marker, comes with original packaging , black for GN, $50obo shipped lower 48 pay pal. billet oil breather, $20obo shipped lower 48 pay pal. Mystery...
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    Misc parts, nos and aftermarket.

    Clear Nos Speedo lens ac delco part #25018722 $75 shipped obo RJC power plate stock plenum new in plastic, with gaskets $40 shipped obo sold Stock GN stereo, working when removed, 55 shipped obo. Kirbin driver side billet breather/oil fill new 25 shipped obo.sold 1987 owners manual plus print...
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    NOS Black Out trim for 1986-87 we2/we4/gnx Front bumper strip!!!

    Bought new in 1999, was too lazy to install on car, found it in storage,perfect condition $200obo.