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    Norwalk ?

    Anyone going to run TSO ?
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    Dave Fiscus 7.75 ?

    Now I am just ashamed of my old slow Buick. Might as well leave it at home and just go watch the show.
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    Midwest Challenge

    Time to get the Buicks ready !
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    BPG Nats

    We had a great time at the event. The racing program was very well organized as always and the weather was great for August . Had lots of good social time at the block party and got to meet some new faces. If you didn't go you missed out on a good weekend . Thanks to everyone who worked to put...
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    Will TSO run at BPG ?

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    had the car out yesterday

    Still runs ! Guess I will take it to Norwalk anyone going ? Will I have to run Fiscus ? :nailbiting:
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    Putting in the Vacation days for Norwalk , BPG and Bowling Green . Who is coming ? Give me an idea how much faster I need to go .o_O
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    Bowling Green date ?

    Ok what is going on with the dates ? I need to get the vacation days locked in soon . The September days sounded good to me.
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    Dave Fiscus

    Ready to go heels again ? :D
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    Car Craft race This could be fun. I wonder how many of the show cars are fast ? Maybe it is time to knock the dust off of my old Buick.
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    News from TB.COM ?

    Any news or video from the track? Why didn't I go ??? :mad:
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    get email from buick guys ?

    Anyone else getting mail with no subject or just link in the subject line ? They have names I know are Buick guys in the from and sent to lines but they are not from anyone I have ever sent or received mail from. The body is just a link to something but I decided against opening it.
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    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a great holiday !
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    anyone run 275

    Track near me is going to have a 275 race the end of September. Might be fun but I hate to buy more wheels and tires.
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    How a top fuel car works

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    worlds largest engine ?
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    How it's made . turbo video

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    Is it to hot to work on the Buick ?

    I got forced to work days this week . I have been hot and tired all week. I need to work on the car and go test before the BPG race but they are calling for 106 Friday. :(
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    Getting ready for Noewalk

    New trans is in .
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    GS from Bowling Green

    Pic of the GS wheel stand on the flyer for event at Gateway .