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    Rear Bumper Filler

    I know that Spoolfools make the best bumper fillers but the prices are currently not in my budget. Anyone use the Kapalini fiberglass ones?
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    Thank You Turbo Bob

    Big thank you to Turbo Bob. I was having problems connecting my Scanmaster G with the ALDLDROID App and contacted him for help. He responded quickly and went out of his way to quickly get my set up running. I really appreciate the help!
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    Scanmaster G / ALDLDROID App Problem

    I installed a Scanmaster G and ALDLDROID App. All were running great until today. The App started giving me weird Data readings. The Scanmaster readings appeared to be normal and coincided with my gauges. At idle the ALDLDROID showed RPM anywhere from 2500 to 4300. Most of the other reading...
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    For Sale Quad Air 108 Racing Chip

    Came with my car, I was told it was never installed. I'm never going to use it. $30 shipped
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    Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?

    While poking around under my car I found this. Appears to be some kind of sensor that reads rotation of the drive shaft? There is a disc wired onto the drive shaft and what appears to be a pick up on a bracket mounted onto the floor pan. There is a 2 wire feed (looks like speaker wire) I...
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    An Android app called ALDLDROID was recommended by another user here, Can anyone provide more information on this? It appears to function something like a power logger? Is it as simple to use as it looks on their web site? Please remember that I'm operating of the "Buick Grand National for...
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    Help With Scanmaster Readings Please

    I replaced my O2 sensor with a Denso unit as recommended here and improvement. I'm now in the 775 to 850+ range (used to be in the 460 and below) These are the reading that I got after changing the O2 sensor out: On my first run the gauge showed me Spark Advance at 17.1 and an injector...
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    Scanmaster G help needed

    New to the Grand National scene. I recently purchased a 5.7 chip and Scanmaster G from TT. Car seems to be running strong and great with the new chip. I searched around for information on the Scanmaster G but what I have found is above my head. I'm looking for more "Scanmaster for Dummies"...
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    Help with no low end boost problem

    I recently purchased an '87 GN. I drove it several times after delivery and all ran fine. Hung it up for a few days to change engine, trans, and rear differential oils. When I took it out after that I had no low end boost. The boost won't kick in until the car picks up speed, then it will...