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    M233Roller (Mike) is an Excellent Seller!

    Ive bought and sold to him and say the same thing. Cant beat mike!
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    Oil Splash Guard instead of Valley Pan Gasket

    If you do go with the valleypan, the guy who makes them has them cheaper on his website / calling him. There wasnt much sense in me doing like other said if you dont have port matched heads and or intake. the 1200s would work great for that, but i went with the thicker paper style 1pc gasket...
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    how much for all whats in dscn0012? (vacuum cruise control stuff) Do you also happen to have any NOS and or slightly used upper door seals?
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    Calpak Chips

    will do ill get it on the way in a day or so!
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    Calpak Chips

    still have one? $40 to 42134?
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    Parts to bowling green. Will be adding more stuff as I find it

    Im in for the Tans Pan. I can pick it up in BG. Im local to there.
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    Coil Pack

    pm'd you
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    Huge Parts List, selling 31 yrs of Parts collecting, get it while you can! Sept update

    I would like: -85-87 GN gray dash speaker cover, in really nice condition(no cracks looks close to new, but has a slight warp in the middle $150 -86-87 Cruise control assembly $40 I would also like the Keyed ignition switch if you have one with a new key.
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    Sold GN Assorted parts for sale.

    ill take the back seat jute insulation. $50 shipped to 42134?
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    Whole S- - T Pot of Buick Parts.

    2nd in line for #30 dash speaker cover
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    OK, Here We GO !!

    I will take one of the 255 pump kits. shipping to 42134
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    Hard back two vacuum lines

    I have a good set. Where are you located?
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    HVAC control Cables

    WTB both HVAC control cables. Need from the manual HVAC unit to the blend door pivot arm, and the one from the pivot arm to the Heater box. Ill need the attachment clips as well if possible. Located in south kentucky near BG/Nashville.
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    Headlight Harness

    WTB Good used headlight harness. As stock as possible with minimial Cuts and or no Cuts. Located in Central KY
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    HVAC wiring

    It's what the manual calls the C497 connection by the passenger inner fender. I dont have the other end, so hopefully i can just cut the plug, eliminate the issue and go directly where i need to. Thanks!
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    Holley Pro Dash

    A bracket will definetly have to be made, it just barely fits in the stock location and bezel. I have one as well hopefully in the next month ill get it officially mounted and going. If someone makes a bracket to mount id love to see it as well!
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    HVAC wiring

    Hi guys, Im basically re-wiring the entire car based on some interesting practices, and a super involved and complicated alarm instillation. So long story short im trying to return most systems to stock, while upgrading to the Holley EFI kit cruz offers. MY HVAC wiring under the hood (blower...
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    Holley HP EFI + Cruz Harness Install

    I just got this sytem from cruz, with the holley sensors for the water temp and oil pressure. Do I need adapters to get them in the buick block? If so can you tell me what they were? I havnet dis-assembled everything yet!
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    HVAC wiring

    I need an un molseted HVAC electrical wiring for an 86 gn. apparently mine is been hacked beyond repair. Located in south central ky.