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  1. ITSAV6

    I'm knocking on 11s, 12.09

    Nice! Almost identical to my best. 60ft same and the 1/8 and 1/4 mph. But my et’s were 7.15/11.25. Weird
  2. ITSAV6

    Bought my son a 2016 GT

    It was between this and Camaro or a Challenger. He was leaning Mustang cause his big brother has one.
  3. ITSAV6

    Ford 4R70W Trans ?

    Cannot find this info elsewhwere.......looking at a non lock converter for a 4R70W, what's required to go to a non lock converter?
  4. ITSAV6

    PTS Billet 9x11 and Pro Edge 9.5 lu

    9x11 removed to upgrade to 9.5, 9.5 changed to PTC non lock. Both went mid 10's on 23#+- with DBB 67/76 Both about 3200 stall/never locked up at track. Edge has carbon clutch. I was intending on using them but I need to put a 4R70W in my turbo GT and I need a controller and converter for it...
  5. ITSAV6

    Not a V8....

  6. ITSAV6

    My Son's New Car

  7. ITSAV6

    1QUIKV6 Georgia tag......

    Member here? User name hasn't been used since 2010. Just watched a youtube vid of him running down a stang on the track. Wondering who it was...
  8. ITSAV6

    Kenne Belle Boost a Pump repair

    Has anyone ever had one repaired?
  9. ITSAV6

    "The Bandit" dead at 82

    Burt Renyolds passed away today....nuff said
  10. ITSAV6

    Ran into Jimmy Hart

    Went on vacation in Daytona Beach with my wife's twin brother and his family. Of course I couldn't get off work when they went monday and had to leave wed morning. When I pulled up to the hotel on the bar side the sign said Jimmy Hart's Hall of Fame Tiki Bar. When I ngot to the room my wife...
  11. ITSAV6

    Lost My Baby Sister Tuesday

    Lost my baby sister to a car accident Tue afternoon. She was passing a car and hit a suv head on. Please pray for her 2 boys. Doug
  12. ITSAV6

    4R200 transmission

    Power By The Hour is modding the 6R80 stang trans to a 4 speed overdrive with ratios close to the 2004R and real familiar name.....
  13. ITSAV6

    Turbo Converter for Ford 4r70W

    I just bought my old 91GT back. It has a 70mm single turbo and T5. I'm going auto with a 4R70W. Might be a manual vb or the Microsquirt trans controller. But I need an idea on what converter? The shortblock has stock crank, girdle/main studs, shot peened rods/ARP bolts, SRP forged pistons/coated...
  14. ITSAV6

    Gen2 Translator ?

    Friend has a stockish GN and we are going to install a Gen2 translator on it. I know it's overkill. He has 36# inj but we need advice on which chip needed for timing control to be enabled.
  15. ITSAV6

    6th Gen Camaro

    I wish they would put the ATS TT V6 in the Camaro, I might be in for one
  16. ITSAV6

    Snow down south...

    Getting a lil snow today, glad we don't get it but every decade.:)
  17. ITSAV6

    Billet wheel upgrade?

    Has anyone had an older turbo upgraded with a billet wheel?
  18. ITSAV6

    Converter ? Not Buick but similar

    My old 91 Stang now has a 70mm turbo but has stock heads/cam with SRP pistons, shot peened rods, and main studs/girdle. 3.27 gears and 5 speed but swapping to a 4R70W with manual valve body w/o trans brake. Shift points will be 5k-5500 max. Sorta the same boat Buicks are in. Wants to retain...
  19. ITSAV6

    Megasquirt Plug and Play 5.0 Turbo

    My old Stang. 91 with SRP coated forged pistons, shot peened rods,stock crank, main girdle, 87/88 speed density cam, stock heads with 3 angle valve job and light porting by me, stock intake/tb, 5 speed, 3.27's, 255 MT DR, 70mm turbo, Megasquirt Plug and Play for Mustangs running speed density...