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    3 of the Turbos

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! My 2 kids & Wife are packing up for a trip to the beach, I'm at "work" having a few cocktails getting ready to slave over a hot grill for "my day"! I figured I would share a few of the toys for you guys. So here is my: - 2018 Ram 2500 Sport Cummins...

    Any std Turbo Cranks out there?

    Looking for a Turbo crank. I would prefer std/std, but would run a .010/.010. Thanks in Advance - Dan

    Need help to ID turbo

    I've been searching for info,in most of the older threads the pics are gone thanks to Photobucket. 3" in 2" out with A/R .60 on the compressor housing. Precision exhaust housing with THB3-31 is stamped on the exhaust housing. I'm measuring right at 3" on the compressor wheel. CCE60 is on the...

    New Powerlogger install - Injector Pulse Width not reading zero when car is not running?

    Just finishing up a new Powerlogger/SD2 setup - I noticed the IPW was not 0 when the car was not running? I was setting the TPS sensor and noticed when I was checking WOT voltage, the IPW went to zero after about 3.8 volts out of the TPS. PL log file attached. I have a few other things to do...

    42 lb/hr "009" Injectors w/ Chip for sale

    Just picked up a car that has these injectors and I believe it's a Red Armstrong 107 Race Fuel chip. The part number on the injectors are 01D030B - they are the current part number on Racetronix's site. I have 60lb/SD2/Powerlogger on the way and will be changing out the injectors in a few days...

    Will a Scanmaster updated for a Power Logger work on a Standard system?

    I have a Scanmaster that has the updated chip for the PowerLogger. Will it still work on a car without the PowerLogger? l just bought another car and want to use it if possible.

    Gen 2 Translator w/ Caspers Adaptor harness, 3.5" Maf, 60lb Chip

    These had about 2000 miles on them,bought from Full Throttle, switched to SD chip I honestly am not sure on what they are worth, I asked in the chip section but didn't get a response. Hows $350 obo sound?

    Translator Gen2 /Chip/MAF/Harness price?

    Need some input &I figured I would ask here - I have a: Translator Gen2 Caspers wiring harness adaptor for the Gen2 - plug and play Bob Bailey Chip for 60lb injectors 3.5 Maf - it has the adaptor plug Caspers wiring harness adaptor for the Gen2 - plug and play All have around 2k miles - I went...

    Double Pumper for sale

    I bought this as a used ATR setup about 4 years go, I'm probably never going to use it. I checked the Hobb's switch for operation, but that's as far as I got. $175.00 shipped to the lower 48 - paypal accepted

    AC-Delco ATAF Reman - ???? pics inside

    I have a AC-Delco Trans out of a parts car of questionable origins. I'm curious as to what I have, Almighty Google turned up zilch. The valve body has no lettering, but faint pinkish looking paint on the side and has an aluminum TV valve. Diamond in the rough? Boat Anchor? Thanks in advance...

    Stage Rite question

    I have a question guys- I have a Stage Rite trans brake in my car - trans was built by a board member a while back with a bunch of goodies. I've only been to the track twice with the car in the last 6 years, I've always foot-braked it to launch - both times it went 10.8's. I was playing...

    Question about DW fuel pump maximum pressure - low?

    Okay guys, here's what I have- I haven't played with the powerlogger or really leaned on the throttle since the late Fall. I had a few spare moments to play over the weekend so I logged a 3rd gear wide open blast. Imagine my surprise when I reviewed the log and found inj duty cycle at 106% and...

    Help - changing filter and found this!!

    Dropped the pan to change the filter and found this. Brian Hofer trans with a Stage Rite brake.Tranny feels normal. Help. Thanks in advance!

    TT Mafless vs Gen 2

    I'm currently using a Gen 2 Translator with 60 lb Motrons and considering an upgrade to 80lb injectors and adding a Powerlogger. I'm thinking that the Turbo Tweak mafless chip is just less to worry about? No maf sensor and one less box / wires to have troubles with? I have the Adaptor...

    Walboro 340 Question

    Merry Christmas everyone! I have a quick question on my walboro pump. Just pulled the girl out of the garage for a quick spin before I start hitting the egg nog and was doing a walk around & noticed I could here my pump running. It's a very consistant higher pitched whine, I'm just not...

    Need help on Razors kit!

    Just had a issue pop up - was working great and hit the test button the other day and had no change on rpm or wideband. Talked to Julio the other day and didn't have a chance until today to mess around with the car - in-laws have the kids! The test light is lighting red, but " Power...

    1987 Silver 10 Second T

    Here is my '87 T. Cool car. Cold A/C. Car went 10.8 somthing at 128mph first and only time to the track. I can't bring myself to put a cage in her, as I'm not a drag racer - just like fast cars! I'm going to try to add pics as time allows, been prettty busy at work! Car is in NE...

    10 sec '87 Turbo T

    I am kicking around sell my car and need some input as far as pricing. I went to the track for the first time with this combo and did 2 12 sec shake down runs. Track was awful! Third pass @ 2psi went 10.82 at 1.27 with a 1.77 60 ft with Razors kit on max for saftey. It was at @ 10 -1 afr - Heres...

    Innovate Sensor

    Just thought I'd pass this along. Did some research and Advance Auto Parts has the Bosch 17014 wideband sensor for $52.96 w/free shipping. All the local places here want $120-160!