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    Astroroof or ASC?

    PTE Front mount intercooler $900 picked up or $1000 shipped. I bought it brand new, had it installed and drove with it for about a month. Switching to a SLIC. I did a lot if research and believe that this is the best front mount on the market (please don't start an argument if you feel...
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    Brand new TE45a

    Changing direction with my car, so my loss is your gain. Brand new TE45a. Built by Limit Engineering, with me providing a Garrett .63 exhaust from a stock turbo. You can see what I paid. It was installed couple months ago, but the engine was not fired yet. I'll take $1000. You cover...
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    WTB Pipe or pipes for Precision FMIC

    Hey guys. Apparently I bought wrong set up for my car. Scored Precision FMIC, but it has pipes set up for external wastegate. Anyone has a stash of the right pipe or both?
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    Peecision FMIC and TE45a pipe not ligning up

    Hello crowd. Happy Friday! Trying to install my Precision FMIC and TE45a. The pipe is not lining up. Any clues?
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    For Sale RJC IC-315-XTF intercooler

    RJC IC-315-XTF intercooler. Brand new! Never installed, never mocked up, only removed from the box to take some pictures. I had pipes powdercoated. One is semi gloss black the other is semi gloss black and silver. My idea was (maybe not the best idea!) to put a fake rubber coupling and...
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    Looking for Precision FMIC or CAS V2

    Howdy. Looking to see if anyone has stashed a Precision FMIC or CAS V2. Must be in good shape. Thank you
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    Hello and Happy Tuesday! Looking for a turbo hood for a friend. Perfect candidate will be GN Black, but open to other colors and must be within driving distance of NYC. NO damage or rust please, body work is expensive and at that point makes sense to just buy a new one. Thank you in advance
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    What's for sale in NYC/NJ/LI area?

    Hey guys. Friend of mine is looking for some Turbo problems, I mean Turbo Buick, sorry. Preferably lighter colors, but he is open to GNs. He runs a very busy shop in LI, so no time to travel. Let me know what you have and I might be scouting for him. Some mechanical issues are ok, but no...
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    Looking for possible info on this NY car

    Hey crowd. Friend of mine is looking at this car. Does anyone know it? Thank you very much.
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    8.5” rear carrier bearings

    Hey crowd. Sorry, tried to search, but still confused. What are the correct part numbers for bearings #5 and 8? Carrier bearings? Thank you much!!!
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    Hey crowd. So I'm about to order a Ford 9". For the guys that did it already, could you please dig into your records and see if you have exact measurements for the driveshaft with 200r4 trans Much, much appreciated.
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    9” or build my 8.5”?

    can’t make up my mind! This is what I’m building 3.8 stroker RJC front mount Alky TE45a Dave Husek trans Drag radials Mostly street driven with occasional track duty Do I: Build up my 8.5, Moser 31 spline, True Trac, pinned axles, etc. Or Buy a 9” Thank you and Happy New Year.
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    8.5” rear with Ford ends

    Anyone tried this?
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    9" rear opinion. Where to get one?

    Hey crowd. Hope everyone Christmas was good and Santa was nice and generous. I'm thinking about upgrading to a 9" rear. Just don't want to take a chance with C clips or deal with leaky C clip eliminators. So my options are: 1) Moser - well known and pricey 2) QuickTime Performance...
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    8.5 posi rear out of my 87 Turbo T

    For sale: 8.5” GN rear. Rear is currently taken apart, which is good and bad. Good thing is you see exactly what you get and if there is any damage. I had absolutely no issues with the rear, took it out to refresh. Comes with brand new powdercoated black TA rear girdle brand new AC...
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    Fuel rail fitting

    Howdy guys. Might be a stupid question (nothing unexpected from me), but... Is there a fitting that can screw in factory fuel rail and have -8 AN on the other end? Don't want to permanently modify it by welding one on. Plus it's already powdercoated. Thank you.
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    Removing fuel lines and question about new lines

    Howdy. Happy Friday! Is there a trick to removing these lines? Also, when running aftermarket lines, Cruz or Racetronix are you guys running it on both side of the car, like factory? Or only on one side? Which one? Thank you much!
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    Any good/bad experiences with "Long Island Muscle Car Garage" in Bohemia, NY?

    Hey guys. Any good/bad experiences with "Long Island Muscle Car Garage" in Bohemia, NY? Looking for a place to do some work on my 68 Chevelle Thank you
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    What is the best way to restore underhood plastics

    Hey crowd. Looking to refresh some of my underhood plastics: fenderwells, AC box, etc. Any good experiences? How's SEM flexible bumper coater? Or SEM trim black? Thank you much
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    Hydroboost brakes from 84 Regal

    Hey crowd. While the car is apart, I'm coming up with more crazy ideas. I have a perfectly working vacuum brakes system, but... I looked on Rockauto and all factory pieces and hoses are available from 1984 Regal with Diesel engine, which came with Hydroboost. Should I? Parts I was going to...