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    Bench checking wastegate opening pressure (boost)

    Have an external wastegate and will like to know how I can check wastegate opening without the engine running. Was planning to use compressed air and an ol boost gauge to have an estimate... Any pointers??
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    15x10 with 4 BS

    Looking to run weld draglites with these specs. Will the 4 bs be an issue?
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    Chip config

    Is there a way to check the size of injectors configured within a chip? Dont know manufacturer.
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    Feel like a boat! Suspension wise

    My 87, stock suspension, feels like a boat on waves...over dips and bumps on the road I replaced the shocks for heavy duty ones (have an extra spring, like coil overs) but still rocks all over.. I was thinking on replacing the springs, dunno what type though (progressive or regular)...not...
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    Kenne bell roller rockers

    Stock ratio For stock need to shave the rocker towers to use them as well as taller valve covers 150.00 plus shipping
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    Help id this chip

    The only thing I know is that is a Extender chip. Chip_zps9eea1c31 by TurboSmart posted Jan 6, 2017 at 9:27 PM Thanks
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    AC gas...using propane /alternate compressor

    Living in the tropics and having a black car with no ac is not cool ( pun intended) I have read many articles regarding converting from r12 to r134 and even using propane. The propane alternative seems plausible and easy to do, at least to test the components. Have anyone here have tried this...
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    Copy settings from one chip to another/ comparison

    Well guys, in my quest to diagnose a overly rich mixture I came across a chip that I found on my car thats says race only. I swapped my extender with this one and idle, mixture, etc worked perfectly. Now, is there a way to access this chip config, either via ecm or a epprom reader? Also, will...
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    Factory reset extender extreme chip

    I am running an exterder chip and very rich at idle. I had to lower the fp just to be able to drive the car. Before dumping $$ in new injectors and chip , will like to know if there is a way to reset an extender chip. I am running a 3.5 maf, translator and 78pounds delphi inj. at 40 psi fuel.
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    microbubbles after headgasket

    I recently replaced the headgasket. I used rjc stainless. block had o rings and filled them with high temp epoxy. Added water, started the car and idles quite rich... but there is some sort of microbubbles on the radiator and there is a lot of filth. oil doest not have water, no water vapor, at...
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    Stock rocker polishing

    I wonder if there a benefit in polishing the stock roller assembly and rocker arms for less friction? Or even use some bronze inserts at the rocker arms, again, to reduce friction.
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    o ring block with SS headgasket

    in the process of instaling a rjc stainless steel headgasket but my block is o ringed with ss wire. what to do? remove the o rings? use a copper headgasket? leave the block alone and use the ss gasket? the engine was using felpro gaskets. the leak was between the head and block towards the...
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    bubbles on coolant

    well.. i was doing my yearly coolant flush, drain and started adding water very slowly with the engine running. after filling it up and before adding the rmi25, bubbles.... a lot of bubbles. continue to add water, rev it a little and the level went down a bit. still a lot of bubbles. strange...
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    turbo heat managment

    i was planning to add some heat wrap for the turbo and exh manifolds. any opinions regarding this? ceramic coating is not an option for my right now.
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    compressor upgrade

    well my unknown turbo just went south. compressor nlades touched the housing and leaked oil thru the turbine like a seep. now, my turbo guy suggested that instead of using the same .57 trim compressor, upgrade it to a 60. the whole turbo specs are.. ar .70 60-1 compressor P trim turbine .58...
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    Smoking blue aftet oil change

    I changed my oil change and right after starting the car, it smokes!! I used a 5 quart jug, prefilled the oil filter. Could it be that I overfilled? Should I let it burn or drain a little? As for drain it, remove a oil cooler line and crank, remove the oil filter, or crack open the drain plug...
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    Whats needed to install injectors / flowbench and clean injectors

    I am planning to swap my injectors, ironically for smaller ones that are currently installed. Do I need to change the chip? I running stock ecm with translator. Dont know the current injector size but they seems too big right now. So unless I find a way to improve the mixture by leaning it a bit.
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    Sluggish starter after warm up

    I recently changed the starter for a reman one. Now this one turns the engine slowly when the engine is warm. Voltage and batt are ok. Car starts fine when cold Any ideas? Starter insulation?
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    Belt tensioner diag

    My tensioner sounds when I start my car. A loud clunk is heard. Does my tensioner spring is shot or a belt replacement is needed?
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    Pig rich at cold

    My gn is pig rich at cold temps. Starts and runs but after 10 or so seconds it idles weird... like lumpy idle. At norm temps 160, it runs and idles great.. Dunno injectors size or chip(how do I check) All I know is that is has a bigger turbo, 3.5 maf with translator. Any help?