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    38mm tial WG’s, Tial BOV, comp turbos, aeromotive fuel filters

    Selling this stuff off that I will not be using. All parts are brand new. Authentic 38mm wastegates retail for $260 Asking $400 shipped for both, or $210 shipped each (2 avail) Tial 60mm BOV brand new Retail $265 Asking $210 shipped Comp turbo 4 bolt .81ar, 57 trim. Journal bearing 3” inlet...
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    Casper’s engine harness for XFI brand new

    Casper’s custom engine harness for Fast XFI. Does not require the use of the jumper box, has built in wideband harness, wires built in to stock locations for oil and temp gauges. Brand new, never used. Retail cost $1,295 Asking $900 shipped.
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    Tial 38mm wastegates

    Authentic Tial 38mm external gates. Retail is $260-290 depending where you purchase. Brand new, looking for $200 plus flat rate box shipping, or $390 shipped for both. Flanges and gaskets included.
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    Art Carr (CPT) TH400 converter for sale

    This converter was originally in a full stage 2 headed race car. I had it “re-stalled” at Art Carr about 6 months ago? They said originally it was 5k stall, and could possibly get it down to 3500. Well, it’s still too loose for me and I’m looking to sell it to someone who can use something like...
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    THDP & cutout

    Original THDP for sale. 3”, and original TH cutout pipe. Both in good condition located in Los Angeles. Shipping available but is not cheap to ship! Measurements are 48x10x10 from local zip 90201 if you want to calculate shipping for yourself PLUS one large flat rate for cut out pipe. $450...
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    THDP and 67/65 BB turbo

    Need to move a few parts to recoup some money. 3” THDP good condition, swing gate moves freely always performed flawlessly. $400 Original THDP cutout for an extra $100 Will not separate. Plus shipping from Los Angeles. Comp Turbo triple ball bearing 67/65 .63 ar exhaust housing, 4” inlet 3”...
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    Local parts for sale. THDP and Turbo

    Original THDP $400 add $100 if you want the original cut out pipe excellent condition, you know what it is. Comp Turbo triple ballbearing 67/65 4” inlet 3” outlet .63 a/r exhaust. Would be excellent on a stock stroke iron head engine. Rated 900+hp, doesn’t need Big converter to spool. Ran at...
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    Race wheels

    Looking for a nice race wheel setup. Champion bead locks, weld or similar. 15” in the back 17” up front. Lmk what you got, no summit or Jeggs brand. Something nice.
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    California rosewood limited WO2 car.

    Hello. I’ve decided it’s time down downsize my collection of cars and up for sale is my 1987 Rosewood Limited. I purchased this car from the original owner, and have all the history of this car. It was bought near by at Keyes of Van nuys, and has never lived anywhere but the city I’m in now. I...
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    WTB th400 detent plate

    for factory shifter. Want to try a TH400 out before I commit to an aftermarket shifter Anyone know where to get the detent plate to modify factory shifter. Reverse manual VB if there’s a difference in plates. Also need a tranny mount for the TH400 Thanks!
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    New or used "T" fender emblems

    whatcha got?
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    Looking for parts!

    GN or T header panel Black 87 grill---got grill today, thanks Jerry! Burgundy interior parts for 87--found em Burgundy front seat belts--found em Burgundy steering wheel in great shape New or used "T" emblems for an 87 New or used "3.8sfi turbo" hood emblems--thanks tori. Gray rear...
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    Curious about 1987 rosewood limiteds

    Someone on Instagram mentioned that a 1987 Rosewood Turbo T Limited was pretty uncommon. I know the term "rare" is thrown out there quite often, but doesn't necessarily mean the car is of any more value than another limited. With that being said, was the rosewood in limited option, WO2 option...
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    PSC power steering reservoir. Race car shit

    Bought this reservoir for my car but it's just too big for my application. Would work wel in maybe a stage setup without AC or any other race car application. Made for hydroboost, -10 feed 2X-6 return ports. Internal filter (wix) and over flow tube. Comes anodized black, I believe it was...
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    Looking for info.

    I posted on the sy/ty forum but that place seems dead? I've been doing a little work on a buddies typhoon and what a pain in the ass. That engine bay is jam packed. Here's what we have going on. 60lb injectors Turbotweak chip AFPR Scanmaster Alky kit will be installed soon, waiting on 3 bar...
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    Kenne bell front bumper/air damn one piece

    Not willing to ship. Pickup in so cal only.
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    Kenne Bell fiberglass bumper/air damn for sale

    This thing was brand new when I got it. It's never been painted. Air dams are built into the bumper, very minor crack, easily repaired. The center use to funnel into the factory intercooler scoop, i cut it out to Clear the front mount, planned on i stalling a wide trans cooler in the void...
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    1992 twin turbo dodge stealth 23k miles

    fully optioned 1992 dodge stealth twin turbo R/T all wheel drive. Warehouse kept and garage kept its whole life. Interior is 10/10 paint is 9.5/10. Good year eagle tires 95% tread. Dang near flawless car. 5 speed transmission, 100% factory. Looking to get as close to $13k as possible but offers...
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    Need part numbers

    Looking for part numbers on titanium locks and retainers for PAC1201 springs, 7deg single groove locks on Manley valves on iron heads Thanks!
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    Rain Rain go away......

    I'm sick of this shit. Have a good day. Turboelky.