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    Did you bring your diaper haha...

    Lots of trial and error in the early 2000’s. I worked in a machine shop on my free time with a fellow named “jellybean” Mike Cook for 19 years now. I’ve learned about everything I know as far as engine assembly, clearances, tooling, everything. Mike Cook and his crew have set over a couple...
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    38mm tial WG’s, Tial BOV, comp turbos, aeromotive fuel filters

    Selling this stuff off that I will not be using. All parts are brand new. Authentic 38mm wastegates retail for $260 Asking $400 shipped for both, or $210 shipped each (2 avail) Tial 60mm BOV brand new Retail $265 Asking $210 shipped Comp turbo 4 bolt .81ar, 57 trim. Journal bearing 3” inlet...
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    Casper’s engine harness for XFI brand new

    Casper’s custom engine harness for Fast XFI. Does not require the use of the jumper box, has built in wideband harness, wires built in to stock locations for oil and temp gauges. Brand new, never used. Retail cost $1,295 Asking $900 shipped.
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    Tial 38mm wastegates

    Ok sounds good. Thanks for the interest.
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    Tial 38mm wastegates

    Authentic Tial 38mm external gates. Retail is $260-290 depending where you purchase. Brand new, looking for $200 plus flat rate box shipping, or $390 shipped for both. Flanges and gaskets included.
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    GMC Typhoon

    Pizza guy Ralph has a typhoon for sale.
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    God Speed Gary Wells. US Navy Vet, So Western Moderator, Pistol Marksman, My best friend. RIP.

    Gary, it was a pleasure to know you, my friend. I’m glad we got to have our final chat at Bates. You will always have a place in my memories.
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    buick BMS Crank

    good deal !
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    Who's still around and active?

    We’ve lost a lot of good members.
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    Crappy weather , Fun times!

    Other than the drive in the rain, it was a great time! Was good to see everyone, I look forward to next year.
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    On Center Build questions

    I used the 3/16” cookie cutter and chucked my billet cam in the mill, and did exactly that. I was not fond of the small amount of key way, but if I’m not mistaken it’s only there to sync the stack up in order, the bolt is what keeps them in place. Other possibility is the bolt holding the stack...
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    On Center Build questions

    Your Keyway broke because your cam is too big for a 1.75” rockers and the valves hit the pistons, and sheered off the key. Yes 2.02” valves have been ran on TA heads.
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    GN Header Panel.

    We all wish
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Blah blah blah Boohoo Lou.
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Lou, I’ll donate the $500 bucks I get from beating that demon, and donate it to you towards your new 4500cfm blower. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    I’m not sure if we’re keeping Lou young and mean, or giving him a stroke. Mike, can you check on Lou? He’s sending terrorizing text messages....he’s lost his sheep :LOL::ROFLMAO:
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Wasn’t worried about the light, just trying to get my launch down. I don’t have all the fancy features the Demon has, I actually have to drive the car...Lou is on auto pilot o_O
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    I’m coming for you Lou. I got one pass last night with a soft launch off the foot brake. Theres plenty left for you,
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    Cash bounty on Turbo Lou's Dodge Demon.

    Poor Lou, look what he got himself into. He was warned this would happen, and now look... I foresee Lou spending money on a rear end in the near future