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    ISO: New hydraulic roller cam anything bigger than stock for 109

    Need to find a new unused comp cams hydraulic roller cam for the 109. Have a 206/210 that may not clean up. Let me know what you got.
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    2009+ 6MT sedan or coupe

    Looking to replace my daily with a less problem of a car. At least a car that won't cost an arm and a leg to repair or isn't a bitch to repair. Shoot me with anything that may come up. What I am ideally looking for is a Pontiac G8 GXP, chevy ss or something along those lines. Preferably a fun...
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    Any members here are dealership Employees?

    Long story short, my boss is looking to get a 2014 or newer Cadillac CTS with the 4cyl turbo, fully loaded on the interior (nav, premium sound, heated/cooled seats, and whatever else they can come with). Low mileage pre-owned is preferred over brand new. Please message me with any leads or who I...
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    STD/STD. Stock crank

    Looking for a std./std. crank for sale. Needs not be bent cracked or anything but std./std. with mirror-like surface on all journals. Show me what you guys got.
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    Need a small favor

    Well since I've had trouble trying to find appropriate metal tubing to make car stands to put under each wheel (while mounted on the car) that could support 1 ton each. I've come to the conclusion I either need to make a trip to a lumber yard or homedepot and make the same stands out of wood. I...
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    Ebay add for a Grand National <45k miles Trunk lid emblem is on wrong side as well as the carpet is grey. Not sure if this is a...
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    gearing up for an overhaul

    So before the winter greeted us, I encountered a bit of an issue with the 'ole girl. When I swapped over to a roller setup I had awesome oil pressure using 10w-30 oil thanks to a brand new gm timing cover direct from earl with the correct clearances on the oil pump as well as the porting done...
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    I'm in a bit of a dilemma

    Bear with me on this long post. So the lease that I took over 13 months ago is ending in less than a month. It is 3er in my sig. As fun as it is to drive and handles really really well (not many cars I can compare it to, haven't driven much other than my dad's '09 ram 1500 hemi, mom's '08...
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    LC1 wideband with newest SD chip

    So I've been reading up on SD and have come t o the realization of how easy it. All thanks to Eric's awesome demonstration video on how to change the VE tables. Didn't know he makes it that easy with the shadow circle. Anyways, to get to the point, I went ahead and installed the lc1 wideband...
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    In dire need of power steering hardline

    Well my line let go I believe. Opened the hood to double check the line as I pulled into work and almost everything in the front is covered in power steering fluid. I have the compression fitting hose/hardline that screws into the gearbox, but now I need the hardline that wraps around the power...
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    Logged a run today after upping boost

    So this past weekend was my first time ever down a track. Gotta say that it was exciting, but also embarrassing. First ever pass, I ran a 13.3 at 104mph. Stupid me misplaced my time slips (2 out of the 5 were actually worth while). Those other 3, I had to let off thanks to knock. Stock...
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    Used GM Ignition Module/Coilpak and MSD plug wires

    Just switched to a TR6 setup. Have the following in known good working condition. Pics to come when I get home from work. 1.) Used GM ignition module and coilpack ($120 Shipped) 2.) Red MSD 8.5mm Plug wires ($50 Shipped) Parts are Located in Northern New Jersey. If I'm going to Cecil this...
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    need some confirmation on fueling issue

    So prior to changing my stock rusted fuel lines (which were not leaking at all), the car ran top notch shape. all scanmaster numbers were as they should. Specifically blm's. blm's at idle were 128. During light cruise the blm's would go from 128-138 max. Hit 17psi wiht 93 octane on an extender...
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    drag safety items

    Looking for a drag helmet rated for Snell 2010 Jacket rated for SFI SPEC 3.2A/1
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    Some used parts for sale

    Working powermaster before removal ($150 shipped) 2x LT1 3" MAfs with one screen each ($40 shipped) Stock Tensioner that has no cracks and still provides high tension on the belt. The pulley still moves smoothly.(SOLD) Stock maf, was working when removed from the car. (Sold) Stock turbo inlet...
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    What do you guys think about a 335i auto running

    This...... Right lane is the car in question in the picture. 2011 335i. I'm assuming the driver weighed 200lbs and car is 3600lbs. To me that shit is moving quite fast.
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    Spotted in Passaic New Jersey

    You had your GN parked in the drive way around Wall Street in Passaic. I told your stepfather you had a nice car and he mentioned his stepson owns it. Show your self :) Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Anyone interested in Fantasy Hockey League?

    Anybody interested in starting that very soon? Pre-season is already starting and the season starts in October. I don't mind it free or up to $25 bucks. Not really interested in anything more than that. I don't have much time setting up the league. Yahoo seems like a good choice for the fantasy...
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    Broke the seat bracket

    So I went to take the ole girl for a spin before going away for the long weekend. I decided to get some breakfast at the Dublin donuts drive they. As I went to reach for my wallet, stretching myself out and putting alot of force on the upright portion of the set, I managed to break the seat...
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    what micro brews.... you guys drink? Anyone a member at My favorites range from Founders, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas (cheap and awesome), Dogfish Head, River Horse, Victory, Weyerbacher.... are just some of my favorites, mostly because that's the stuff I can get my hands on. I've tried The...