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    Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned

    Selling my 1984 Buick T-Type Blue metallic with blue two tone interior. Car has been in the family since it left the showroom floor in Burlington, N.C. on August 28th, 1984. My grand mother purchased the car and drove it to and from the store for about 15 years. Total of 67k miles put on it...
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    Hydroboost Help!

    It's leaking all over my floor board and faster than i can put PS fluid in it. I can't find this part anywhere. NAPA, Advanced Auto, Auto Zone, Car Quest all said they don't have it and can't get it. I guess I'm supposed to junk the car because its leaking PS fluid. Any help would be...
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    Replace hydroboost

    So the leaking at the firewall and Hydroboost has gotten out of control and prettymuch empties itself after about 100 miles. including ruining my floorboard i am now ruining peoples driveways. What can I do. Can I just replace the hydroboost with a reman or new unit. I can't seem to find...
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    downpipe gasket

    Can anyone guide me on what exactly is needed on the connection from the elbow to downpipe. When it came off there was a think metal piece and a cork style round piece. The cork piece fell to pieces. Needed to figure out the best way to reattach downpipe and where to buy gasket for it. Thanks
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    I know.....Another "No Start" Thread

    So i have been doing a lot of research and I'm kind of at Junction/Brick wall point. I drove the car one night about 30 miles. Stopped for a couple of hours and then got back in to drive home. the car started fine and i put it in gear and went about 100 feet down the driveway and it just...
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    Driver Side Front Bumper Filler

    Hey need a driver's side front bumper filler. Dont car what the paint looks like as long as the material is not cracked or brittle. Aftermarket, NOS, used, etc. Just let me know what you got. Need pretty soon as the car is in the paint booth and need it quickly. If your close in Ocala, fl...
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    just looking for a good crossover pipe if any one has one sitting around they want to get rid of. I have a HA 1984 t-ype but i think the crossover pipes are the same for both HA and intercooled. Let me know, i live near ocala, fl so shipping to 34431. thanks
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    Oohhh No!!!

    Need some local parts. Posted in parts wanted section. Help me out. Thanks yall..
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    Crash, This really burns my ......

    So help me get my Hot air back on the road. Posted in parts wanted section. Check it out and let me know what you got. Thanks guys.
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    OOPS!!! Need front end parts.

    So a dang concrete pillar walked out in front of me the other day. An this was the result. Anyway, lucky for me insurance gave me enought to work with and fix the car. But i fugired i would get on here and try to take some extra parts off of board members if they have any available. Here is...
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    Citrus County GN

    O.K. Who has the GN that is at the Citrus County Cruiser Show at Wendy's. Just got to say.....:eek: Beautiful ride. Was there last week with my t-type and my daughther. Didn't see anyone around the car but i enjoyed looking at it while mouth drooled.
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    Got room, now what?

    So i finally made the decision to the ac heat delete. Pulled out the box, blower, coils, etc yesterday and waiting for the panel and cowl to finish up the hole now. Anyway, i got all the wonderfull room now to do some upgrades. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on getting a nice...
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    speedo cable

    my speedo cable broke, was bound to happen squeking and jumping for a while now. Now nothing but clicking and 0mph now. what cable do i need. I talked ot auto parts store and they list like 3 or 4 different ones. Different lengths, some one cable, some two cables. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Dead Cylinder

    so all of the sudden i got a dead cylinder. After some checking im getting no spark of the coil pack for Cylinder number 4. My question is: Is there anything other than jsut a bad Coil Pack that would cause this. Is till have the 84-85 coil pack in there, prob the original one. I have an...
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    aftermarket Rear speaker shelf

    anyone used this from g-body yet. Online i need to replace or cover up the old carboard rear dash and replace the speakers so i figured i could do it all in one shot with this. If anyone has pics if they installed it would be great or any opnions of people who have seen...
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    Any recomendations for the foam tape on the a and b pillar trim

    When i took off the trim pieces around the A and B Pillars it was screwed in and also had some doubel sided black foam tape behind it. Anyone want to recommend a product. I figured 3M has the right stuff. It kinda ll fell apart and ripped up when i removed so I'm not sure of the exact...
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    Door Drain Pulgs

    Just curious if anyone knows where to get some new door drain plugs. These lil plastic/rubber fellas just fell apart to pieces when i took them out to work on the door. Also, do you really need them. seems to me that you want want the water to run out if it got in there. Does anyone just...
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    84 T-Type Emblems

    Anybody know where to find these emblems. I would like to get some new. Don't have to be NOS just prettier ones to put on after the paint is done. I just need the tubo 6 logo not the T-Type Emblem. I got those already. I saw this but it doesn't look right EMBLEM REGAL T FOR...
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    84 t-type brakes to floor

    So my 84 t-type all of sudden brakes are going to floor and locking up one rear wheel. doing some restoration on it right now so im not driving it, thank god. Anyway i was looking on these posts and i see alot about power master systems and i dont think i have that system on my car. it looks...
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    Heater Core Bypass

    So, after 3 years of trying to find the right heater core for my 1984 T-type i am finally giving up. Even got one from g-body(or poston can't remember) and it fit better but still wouldn't clear the box and it was spec. for 84-85 hot airs and looked to have right bends. Tried to slightly bend...