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    1987 Buick GN for sale

    1987 Buick Grand National I purchased this vehicle in April 2010 in Milwaukee, WI. If you read below, you will find a very detailed description of the car. The actual mileage is unknown, the odometer currently shows 34,xxx miles. I received a Carfax with the vehicle when I bought it that the...
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    Simple question on tire fitment

    Will a 275/60R15 fit on the rear of a GN with stock wheels and suspension, or will clearance issues be present? FWIW the rear wheel lips were rolled previously to me purchasing the car. Thanks
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    Misc parts for sale

    200r4 transmission pan $30 + shipping RH side marker lamp $10 + shipping OEM rear license plate holder $30 + shipping Two pairs of gray interior door straps $20 + shipping per pair Complete set of armrests, good condition $100 + shipping Complete set of used GN center caps $100 + shipping...
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    Fuel Pump Questions - Going to finally spray meth

    I hear all the talk is when using a meth injection kit, to run a Walbro fuel pump that is 255 lph. I was looking at the pump on their website, and they list that Part# 5CA400HP, which is the 255, is a replacement pump for a number of AC Delco fuel pumps including EP242 which is the ACD fuel...
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    SPOTTED - GNX# 014

    At Quaker Steak and Lube in Middleton, WI last Thursday night. Anyone know the owner? I looked at it, and it looked legit.... I know of one in the Milwaukee area, but wasn't aware of one in my neighborhood. Along with this car, there was four other GN's - One with GNX fender flares, vents, and...
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    WTB: Oil Dipstick for '87 3.8 Turbo engine

    As the title says. The one in my car shows I need to add a quart after I've put 5 qts in it. Stock oil pan on the car... According to the part number on it, its for a 3.8, just not MY 3.8. Located near Madison, WI. Thanks.
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    WI GM G-Bodies!/groups/345660248958688/ A social media group has been started for G-Body owners in Wisconsin. Not attempting to take anything away from this site, just letting fellow cheeseheads know about the group. Thanks!
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    Brian Weaver - G Body Parts

    I just wanted to make a post stating how pleased I am with the service I got with my last order. I needed an accumulator for my power master, and ordered a couple other small items to make the shipping count. I ordered my parts on a Monday, got them the following Thursday. One item was missing...
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    Powermaster Problems - Seeking help from the experts

    Got my car out from its winter slumber, and have a few issues with the brakes... 1. The red BRAKE light illuminates every time I push the pedal down, but goes out. I've done a lot of reading in this thread, stating the accumulator ball is the likely suspect. I had this issue about 4 years ago...
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    Suggestions for a different muffler

    A couple years ago, I purchased a 3" single exhaust system for my GN from another member here. The system came with a Magnaflow muffler. I've had Magnaflow exhaust on other vehicles, and have a stainless kit on my Dodge Ram. I love how it sounds on the truck, but on the GN is another story... I...
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    Looking for a GM part number - Switch on powermaster unit

    I am trying to locate the part number for the brake switch on the powermaster unit. It is a large switch with a 3-pin terminal, and looks similar to a GM oil pressure sending unit but larger. I replaced this one about 4 years ago, and its failed again. I can't find my record of the last...
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    For Sale - BRAND NEW Scanmaster version 2.1 NEVER INSTALLED

    Just as the title says. I purchased this new from Eric at TurboTweak on July 10 as a backup in case my old SM wasnt repairable but it was and I don't need two of them. TurboTweak has a 30 day return policy, which I respect. Still in the package, never installed. $225 Shipped, if interested PM...
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    scanmaster issues, changed ecm, CEL on, and I cant read codes!

    A couple months ago I sent my scanmaster to Turbobob, he replaced a bad display and updated it to a 2.1. I went to reinstall it, and on key on engine on, the display would show 2.1 then go blank. It did the same thing prior to my SM failing. In my conversations with TBob, he also said the ALDL...
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    My ScanMaster went poop, need a new used one!

    Just like the title says, it met its final demise this morning. I had a 2.0, and i would be ok with another, or a 2.1 model. New or used. Post or PM if you have one available.
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    WTB: Hood mounted fuel psi gauge kit

    Looking to add one for my GN. Would like to save a few bucks over purchasing everything new. Would need gauge, hose, hood bracket, etc. If you have something available, please PM me with a pic and price. Thank You!
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    More parts FOR SALE

    GN steering wheel, does not include horn ring or button. Steering wheel is useable as-is, or a great core for restoration. Overall condition is ok, but visible wear is present at the 10-11 o'clock position. $125 obo + shipping. Used stock oil pan. I bought this as a replacement for my own...
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    Misc Parts for sale, OBO unless listed differently. Also list of itmes I'm looking for!

    Parts for sale ~ All are BEST OFFER unless noted: 200R4 dipstick tube - MAKE OFFER RF marker light lens - MAKE OFFER QTY 2 - Turn Signal stalks, with cruise and without pulse wipers - MAKE OFFER Set of BRAND NEW stock pushrods from Full Throttle - MAKE OFFER OEM used valve cover...
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    16" Enkei GNX-Style wheels w/tires

    Please read the following before sending any PM's regarding these wheels: Local pickup only - That means I will not ship them. Don't waste my time and yours asking me what shipping costs when you have just read that I will not ship this set of wheels and tires. I may be willing to take some...
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    WTB: Rear bumper fillers

    Technically I only need one, for the passenger side. But I would not be opposed to buying a pair of good, used fillers. Color is not an issue, I am capable of painting them if needed. Post or send a PM if you have some available, thanks!
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    More parts for sale!!

    OEM style y-pipe for the exhaust system, is not a GM pipe as witnessed by the 'crinkle bends'. $20 + shipping, local pickup prefferred. Used OEM oil pan. I purchased this from GBP a couple months ago, but before it arrived I was able to locate a pan locally. $65 + shipping. Used Stock fuel...