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    Norwalk TSO

    Congrats to the guys who raced this weekend, and to Fiscus for the W. Wondering who is planning on making it to Norwalk?
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    Time for new rods, cam, gear drive, and likely some other odds and ends...

    So I have my S2 at my builder to go through. With the issues I had last year with water getting in the cylinders from my leaky (cracked) S2 heads, I am not suprised that he found the rings shot in (3) cyl, (3) bent rods (carillo 6.5" BBC H-Beams), and chunks missing in the cam from making...
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    Chuck Corso Tribute Race Video from Byron Enjoy
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    10.11 @ 129.62 ... ProEFI Flex fuel 3650lb Street car GN on 255 radials

    Well, was looking for a 9.90 yesterday, but thanks to constant 35mph head winds all day, it didn't happen. This car had been 10.20s @ 133mph last time out with 1.5X 60 foot times, so my plan was just to get the 60 down into the mid 1.4s and click off a 9.9X...... Well, instead up picking up...
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    BURHEAD Headers? Ever hear of them?

    My GN street car came with these headers on them, that have a tag indicating "BURHEAD HEADERS"... I've never heard of them? Anyone familiar with them?
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    Header gaskets? Best to use?

    Hey there buick community, I've always eliminated header gaskets and only run copper RTV on every turbo buick I have ever owned. I am considering switching to running gaskets if there is a better product out there now that people are having great success with. For some reason, on my GN street...
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    TSO Race at BG - Would like to join the fun BUT......need TSO racer input-

    I would like to come down and race TSO at BG if my schedule will allow, however, my car doesnt exactly fit the rules in place. Specifically, I have a forward facing turbo (mounting points in core support), and have a 5" aluminum downpipe that turns down right behind the turbo / in front of...
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    My White T making a qualifying pass on 275s.... Qualifying pass from saturday at the MDRA 275 Drag Radial Race... first time back out with the car since some head issues and breaking timing chain on the dyno... Happy it made some passes and I didnt have to touch anything on it all day....
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    Gear drive on S2 with 109 style front cover and pump?

    Wondering if guys have had success with running gear drives on an on center motor with 109 style front covers? I have a whites racing stock style front cover with their oil pump... and have just broken my first timing chain, and hopefully my last. (really dodged a bullet the pistons and valves...
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    Interested in racing THS at Midwest Challenge, but don't quite fit into the rules???? Check out this thread, and if you can make it to race, please respond. Kip may be bending the rules for the class a bit and having a "THS Outlaw" race in order to attract additional participation as well...
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    Chicagoland Buick Club Drag Racing This Sunday at GLD!

    Come one come all! I'll be there in the street GN lookin for a new best on E85! Any of you guys coming out? If anyone needs help with anything at the track in order to come out let me know I will help any way I can as I would love to see as many turbo buicks there as we can get!
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    King of the Streets at GLD Tomorrow and Open to Public!!!

    In a last minute change due to issues between the previous track and the event organizer, King Of The Streets will be at GLD tomorrow!!! And open to the public for spectatin! Gates open at 2:30, racing starts at 3:30, cost is 20 bux to spectate, racing should finish by 10:30, if theres time...
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    Sat July 16th Open House at SP

    Check it out :cool:
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    Friday night car shows downtown Roselle, IL

    I stopped up at the car show downtown roselle friday night, there were 3 other GNs present and a ton of others. Sounds like the show is every friday from 5:30 to 9pm. Great turnout. If the other GN owners are on here, mine was the one with all the rubber on the quarters. :D
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    This Sunday at GLD!

    Chicagoland Buick Club has a bracket race event at GLD this sunday, and it looks like there will be 15-20 buicks in attendence, and weather looks GREAT with a high of around 65deg. Thought I'd mention it here so any other buick guys looking to do some testing / drag racing may come out! :cool:
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    Testing at 41 last thursday night on 275s baby steps...
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    Video of some testing at 41 thursday night Slowly turnin it up at 41 thursday night and gettin the 275 radials workin :cool:
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    ProEFI on 87 GN

    My 87 GN street car is under the knife at the moment getting a ProEFI installed. I will be using a flex fuel sensor, running e85, and using the ProEFI as the turbo controller, two step, and eventually traction control. I figured I would start a thread about it and update once the car is running...
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    Thanks Cal + Holly! And Thank you FAST XFI!!

    Just wanted to post and share that I had some issues with my XFI last year which were NOT the fault of the box, but rather I had an electrical gremlin that turned out to be the ignition switch on my t type. In any case my ignition switch electrical problems ended up causing some damage in the...
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    the ANGRYV6 to be back in action soon....

    Basically, had it out a bit at the end of last season with the S2 motor and an old school PT88 turbo... decided to make some changes before the season gets underway... should be back in my garage this weekend to tidy up some odds and ends, then likely on the dyno to tweak the tuneup and then...