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  1. Heskahoka

    Bother the mechanic….

    Took a cruise a couple nights ago to exercise the car and get a Slurpee. On the way home, I was going down our normal and fairly empty drag. At the light I pull up to a Blood red Charger 392 Scat Pack, dark tint, windows up. A the green, I pull away from the light gracefully, the Charger...
  2. Heskahoka

    Killed the Subaru Brat

    Took the car out for gas and a quick cruise and came up on a late model Subaru WRX wrapped baby blue with ‘stanced’ wheels, big wing, and a loud exhaust. We both came up to the light, me on the right, him on the left. While waiting for the green I decided to play nice: Me: Nice subie, looks...
  3. Heskahoka

    Trolled by a C10

    It was a cold evening and I guess that made everyone feel fast and frisky this night. While on my way to fill up some E85, I had a Challenger take a run at me as well as a Mazda of some sort. Those were disposed of in short order. The interesting one came while I was waiting at a red light...
  4. Heskahoka

    Slow JAM kill

    So on another post, , Kyleh24 came up with a perfect acronym: JAM- Just Another Mustang. Loved it. I had my GN out last week to grab some groceries and took the scenic route to get there. Had to stop at some railroad tracks and wait for a...
  5. Heskahoka

    4th time to the track..another personal best

    Finally making some decent progress. Went to the track last night and posted another personal best.:) 1/4 mile at Albuquerque Dragway, elevation is high: 5300 foot with DA at about 7160. My previous best was last year - an 11.94 at 118.5 mph with a 2.00 60 ft. My best run was my second run...
  6. Heskahoka

    Flow Matched DEKA 60# injectors for sale

    For Sale: 6 Flow Matched Siemens DEKA 60# injectors -Approx 500 miles on them. -High Impedance; works with stock ECM. Selling because I upgraded to 80s, then turned around and upgraded to 120s. Sitting on my shelf and no longer need. $160 shipped.
  7. Heskahoka

    Second time to the track-posted a personal best

    Well, this drag race thing is a bit trickier that I had thought. But also a whole hella of a lot of fun. :) 1/4 mile at Albuquerque Dragway, elevation is 5300 foot with DA at about 7200. My previous best was 3 weeks ago - a 12.6 at 109 mph with a 2.17 60 ft. My best run was my first run...
  8. Heskahoka

    Log posted...getting ready to go to the track

    Have been slowly getting to this point and I "think" I am ready to go to the track for my very first time. I made a short Powerlogger recording at WOT a few days ago, hoping someone will take a look to make sure nothing is off. Thanks, -M
  9. Heskahoka

    A sheep in RAM's clothing

    Decided to take the black brick out last Sunday. The evening was perfect – the summer weather had dropped into to the low 80s, the sun was getting ready to set and moon was already out before twilight. Decided to take a road less travelled and not really looking for a kill. Was treated to a...
  10. Heskahoka

    VtheGNMan - a great and honest seller

    A quick shout out to Vince, aka VtheGNMan. I bought a used AC compressor he was selling. He packed it right and shipped it quickly. Unfortunately, when I got it mounted, it would not rotate; it was locked up solid. Vince stood behind it and refunded me. If he sells something again, I would...
  11. Heskahoka

    Mark Hueffman - TR Custom Parts-Great Service

    Great customer service from Mark and TR Custom Parts. Bought a used part he posted here and it was in my hands in 3 days. Bought an emblem and custom alky plate from his website - same story, here in 3 days. Thanks Mark, you are a man of few words but abundant service. -MB
  12. Heskahoka

    Double Rice Kill.

    I was out cruising a few weeks ago, testing my newly installed 9.5 PTC “unicorn” converter. Yep, a better match for my 6766 turbo. I was diverted from the primary road I was on due to road construction and a detour. Fine. Detoured onto a smaller two lane dark road, tough to see too much in...
  13. Heskahoka

    Scot and Gina at GNS - fantastic.

    A quick thanks goes out to Scot and Gina at GNS. Ordered brakes through them. They quoted 3 weeks or so. It arrived in half that time to my doorstep. They are one of the finest vendors on this board for customer service. I have been happy with every transaction.
  14. Heskahoka

    New Roush Mustang kill

    A week ago I pulled up to a healthy sounding white mustang at the light. It had interesting graphics and an “R1” badge on it. At the time I had no idea what that was, so I had to Google it later. I found out that it was a 2013 Roush Mustang R1; had never seen one. At the light while I was...
  15. Heskahoka

    Adios Bandito

    It has been too hot here to drive the GN during the day, so I took her out last night. The weather was perfect: clear night in the 80s with the windows down and the T-tops off. I had just gassed up and was cruising and enjoying a little Bob Marley through the speakers. Not a lot of traffic...
  16. Heskahoka

    Early 2000s Mustang...first kill

    I’ve had my GN back on the road for about two weeks, slowly shaking the bugs out of her. The motor is new with about 250 miles on it, so I was only boosting to 13-14 pounds. Went out for a cruise one evening to log some data from the Powerlogger. I came up on a red Eclipse with a full set...
  17. Heskahoka

    Another powerlogger first!

    Hi All. Just logged my first run on my 4.1 motor using Powerlogger. I am new to the tuning of this car, so I am open to suggestions. Some info on the run: -Engine has about 200 miles on it. -98 octane in the tank. -Max 15 psi. -TT 6.1 chip. -Alky system, but not powered up currently. Thanks...
  18. Heskahoka

    New rebuilt Cam Sensor -thanks GNS!

    Just got back my rebuilt cam sensor from Scott at GNS Performance. Shipping and rebuild only took a week for $75. Scott turned it around in one day and got it back fast. It looks great and is one less thing to worry about in my rebuild. Note, I removed the cam sensor cap (electronics)...
  19. Heskahoka

    4.1 block

    Hi everyone, new member (newbie) here. I bought a 87 GN about a month ago and it turns out that the current 3.8 engine has to go. Long story, but during the registration process, it was discovered that the engine had its VIN removed and is probably stolen. So I am looking to build a 4.1 motor...