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  1. breiter

    87 GN for Sale - $28,000

    15 years, countless hours and dollars spent but you all know the story. FAST XFI and other goodies bought from Cal at Hartline. Original block and transmission but of course, highly modified. Chassis dyno 600 plus hp at the tires but I am sure there is more in the car with FAST tuning...
  2. breiter

    80 lb Siemens high-impedance (6) injectors $225, LS1 MAF w/ plug $75, Gen II MAF Translator $75 - prices include shipping

    pictures available - injectors have 2k miles - went to FAST and 95lb
  3. breiter

    Fuel injectors for sale - Mototron 60lb - 3200 miles

    I am selling 6) Mototron 60lb injectors - only 3200 miles on them. Absolutely like new. Engine upgrades required me to go larger. $200 - shipped in continental US. email or call 864.420.5673 - Bobby
  4. breiter

    Intercooler ESP Performance FMIC

    FMIC for sale. Includes pipes to accommodate an internal or external waste gate, pipe from intercooler to TB, and all hoses and clamps. Nothing wrong. Just changing my setup. More pictures available upon request. Currently on the car. Will ship within a day of buying it. Call Bobby with...
  5. breiter

    Dyno tuning - who in the southeast?

    I would like to do some dyno tuning. Tuning at the track is ok but I am ready to get some focused results. I am in Greenville, SC. Any recommendations? I left a message for Southeast Turbo. Mods are in my signature. Maybe I should take it to Bowling Green? Thanks.
  6. breiter

    Lock up converter stopped locking up. Any ideas?

    I searched the board for a while and found a couple of things to try but still doesn't work. I have verified my TPS settings, I tried grounding pin A to pin F (while cruising at 50 mph), and I reset the computer but it still won't lock. All my mods are listed in my signature. My chip is set...
  7. breiter

    1987 Grand National for sale

    I am selling my 87 GN because I need college money for my daughter. I bought this from the original owner and restored it. This car has a lot of mods and would not be good for a beginner to the Buick GN world. This car should go to someone with knowledge of GN's. My signature states a lot of...
  8. breiter

    My 87 running a Cobra 1/8 mile

    YouTube - Cobra running at Greer Dragway #2 This guy was filming his Cobra run but got good video of my GN. I think this run was a 7.09 at 97 mph. A friend of mine found it and told me about it. Always cool to see a V6 spank a Mustang. Although he missed 3rd I had him beat before he got...
  9. breiter

    Danko GNX vents - install question

    I had my car painted and got it back a few weeks ago. They used thin two-sided tape to install the vents on the fenders. These are the heavy fiberglass ones. I noticed they are trying to bow up on the corners and I am going to take them off and re-install. Any suggestions to make them stick...
  10. breiter

    The cost of victory....

    Just have to share this one with my turbo Buick brothers and sisters. I was on my way home from the local strip last night and a little Honda Prelude, who I saw earlier at the strip, was cruising along beside me. We stopped at a few red lights and he would kind of rev up a little (yes he had...
  11. breiter

    Temp guage vs. Scanmaster reading

    Anyone experienced their temp gauge reading hotter than the scanmaster reading? Is it because the temp guage reads from a different sensor? Does that explain it? I have a electric VDO gauge. Car usually runs mid 170's on the street but gets up to almost 210 after a 1/8 mile run but quickly...
  12. breiter

    LS1 Camaro kill

    I enjoy reading these so I thought I would share one. I was driving home from the local track on a Thursday night and along comes a young guy and his girl in a late model camaro. I saw him pull out of a gas station and noticed he quickly maneuvered through traffic to get beside me. He must...
  13. breiter

    Kirban Performance GNX vents ???

    Anyone installed Kirbans fender louvers / vents? I just bought a set and they look nice but are extremely thin and fragile feeling. I have an older set I bought a couple of years that are made of "heavy" fiberglass but they were warped a little so I bought a new set. My 87 is in the paint...
  14. breiter

    Windshield trim rubber strips?

    Anyone know where to buy the rubber channel strips that are installed inside the trim that goes around the windshield? I am having my car painted and would like to replace these before the trim gets reinstalled. thanks.
  15. breiter

    Reproduction GTA wheels are available!

    Maybe this is old news and I am behind times but I was reading my March Hot Rod that came in the mail today and on page 3 and 4 there is an add from Classic Industries. They are now selling brand new 16x8 GTA wheels in gold or black. Did I mention brand new? $199.00 each.....I paid $400 for...
  16. breiter

    Anyone changed to windshield antenna?

    I had my windshield replaced with one that has the antenna in the glass. I drilled a hole and routed the short antenna wire from the windshield to drop in behind the dash. I plan to have the antenna hole on the fender patched and painted. I am sure someone has done this before. My challenge...
  17. breiter

    Looking for template to install GNX style fender vents

    I did a seach and looked on Turbo Regal Web Site as well but I did not find anything. Anyone know where I can get the template? I am having my GN painted and the body shop is asking for it. I would rather give them the template than just the measurements, leaving them to figure out. thanks
  18. breiter

    6 Point Cage in 87 GN

    I just got my car back from having a cage installed. It turned out pretty good. I was worried about the door bars but it is really easy to get in and out of. The bends to get around the door panels and concert speaker perch are as tight as they can be. I don't really have much road noise as...
  19. breiter

    StageRight Trans Brake for 2004R

    Brand new, never installed. I bought it and then decided not to do it. $100.00 shipped to anywhere in US. I think I paid $135.00 plus shipping.
  20. breiter

    headliner install with roll cage in car

    Reluctantly I am having an 8-point cage put in my car in a few weeks. Local tracks kicked me out until I have one. The shop asked me to take the headliner out so they can do the welding w/o burning it. Will I be able to get it back in after the bars are in? My car is a hard top. The cage...