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  1. Heskahoka

    Right Blinker Issue

    I had this issue in the past. Turns out it was intermittent ground connection at the ground point(s) near the battery. I found my issue after reading this post:
  2. Heskahoka

    C clip for actuator waste gate

    GM part number is 15567924.
  3. Heskahoka

    WTB 87 GN Evaporator Core

    Original Air makes one for the turbo cars. Not cheap, but available.
  4. Heskahoka


    Here is how I did my two step setup for the TR6. Pic attached.
  5. Heskahoka

    Here's a list of bulb numbers

    Had it on my HD. Attached.
  6. Heskahoka

    Premium Memberships Coming, Need Opinions!

    This sums it up perfectly. Years ago, I would have jumped at a premium membership. Now.....
  7. Heskahoka

    Bother the mechanic….

    Took a cruise a couple nights ago to exercise the car and get a Slurpee. On the way home, I was going down our normal and fairly empty drag. At the light I pull up to a Blood red Charger 392 Scat Pack, dark tint, windows up. A the green, I pull away from the light gracefully, the Charger...
  8. Heskahoka

    Albuquerque, nm

    There are a handful of us out here in Albuquerque. We meet about once or twice a year. There are places to get E85 here. I usually go to the Circle K on the west side. Good luck in your move!
  9. Heskahoka

    Wanted - Show your GN with Gbodyparts Aluminum Wheels

    Nah, just old springs back then, it sits a bit higher now.;)
  10. Heskahoka

    Wanted - Show your GN with Gbodyparts Aluminum Wheels

    Hi Elrond. At the time of the picture, 2 front wheels were 15x7 and BF Goodrich Radials 21565R15. 2 rear were 15x8 25560R15s. No lowering, suspension was stock with Bilstein shocks all around. Since then, I have upgraded the tires and suspension in the rear. 27560R15 Drag radials on the same...
  11. Heskahoka

    Wanted - Show your GN with Gbodyparts Aluminum Wheels

    15 x 8s Aluminum wheels on my GN right after I got them.
  12. Heskahoka

    CBR600rr & SRT 392 Charger

    Great kill on that bike!
  13. Heskahoka

    So I picked up a WE4.........

    Congrats on your new car and winter project. I would urge you to re-consider a new harness from Caspers if he can still make one. (He is running low on connectors). Especially since you are pulling the motor. I was in your boat about 5 years ago, motor out, harness was old with many...
  14. Heskahoka

    Bunch of Small Parts

    I PMed you on the Shift Indicator Plate. Thanks.
  15. Heskahoka

    Need help reassembling steering column after repair of lose bolts

    Try this link: It is a very detailed breakdown with pictures of a G Body loose steering wheel fix. About 2/3 down has pictures of the bearing, bearing race and retainer.
  16. Heskahoka

    Well Kids, I'm pretty excited!!

    I have had the same fuel system from Joe for a few years. It has been completely reliable and Joe was very supportive when we installed. You will love it because you won't have to think about it. :) Sounds like you are well on your way to tweaking it the way you want it. Congrats, hope to...
  17. Heskahoka

    Thinking about suspension upgrades.

    I agree completely with captndave737. I also have a T-top car. The things that really changed my car's handling were : 1. HR Rear Sway bar. 2. Bilstein shocks - really made a difference on road perception. 3. Upgraded steering shaft. Getting rid of the rag joint was huge for steering feel. I...
  18. Heskahoka

    Weatherstripping glue removal

    One of the most popular is the 3M Stripe Off wheel: A video overviewing it along with the ABM Eraser wheel:
  19. Heskahoka

    Well Kids, I'm pretty excited!!

    Dude, I am happy for you. I have been keeping tabs, it doesn't seem like two years, but for you I'm sure it has felt much longer. Can't wait to hear about you tearing about in Phoenix. Congrats!
  20. Heskahoka

    Does any one know, can you powder coat a downpipe?

    I ceramic coated (Cerakote) my downpipe and turbo hot side housing locally about 3 years ago and has held up well. It is a flat black color, nothing exciting. What is exciting is that it cut down the under hood temps in that area quite a bit.