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    87 GN sf bay area 62k miles

    $25,000 87 GN 62,xxx miles Great condition All original interior Have all stock parts except original airbox and chip Complete suspension rebuild last year with all new bushings and eibach springs Good tires Paint in great shape Passes smog easily, have paperwork from last smog. Great runner...
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    Budget suspension and steering build

    I just finished my rebuild on my car and thought I'd share. My car handled like cardboard box before and now it's like a brand new car. Plan was to restore the old parts with all new bushings, and box the rear control arms. I also did a complete steering rebuild using moog parts. Took me some...
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    Who's got a twin LSA?

    This is bad ass. Anyone go tr any information on it? sent from deep within a tomato field
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    driverside header

    Looking for one that has been fixed correctly and braced. Thanks Matt Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
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    Ported turbo elbow

    anyone have one, or even non-ported and I'll port it myself. lmk Matt
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    Sometimes you just gotta shake your head

    Went to the local scratch-o-mart today to have my truck washed because I was being lazy and I couldn't belive what I saw. A lady pulled in with a brand new black Benz and this kid that was working there just started going at it with a rotary buffer. The car was filthy for one and he just took a...
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    ... got it
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    Got myself a GN

    Well finally got myself a nice car and figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Matt and I'm in Nor Cal. Picked up an 87 Gn with 59k miles on it almost all original except for a Kenny bell intake and a thrasher chip. Has a newer fuel pump and came with a hot wire kit that needs to be installed...
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    Emissions chip questions

    I got a emissions chip from another board member and I understand fuel pressure is supposed to be around 38 psi. I just bought this car and it came with a bosch 237 regulator which is around 43 psi. Is this going to be an issue, can't get a adjustable because of smog issues. Any insight would...
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    Stock injector and turbo emissions chip

    In need of a emissions chip for CA 91 stock car ASAP to 94514. PM me info or text 9253825800 Thanks Matt Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
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    Looking for GN/ T-Type in Ca

    Looking for a decent car. Have about 15k to spend. I want it to be smog legal please. Thanks, Matt