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  1. zapp240

    Heater Control Valve vacuum?

    Question, should the Heater Control Valve hold vacuum after engine stops , have a pretty loud vacuum bleed off sound after I turn car off coming from the valve, is that normal never noticed it before. last for about 8 seconds
  2. zapp240

    looking for recommendations on body mounts.

    Looking for recommendations and source for a quality set of body mount bushings. Do not want the stiff poly ones, looking for something to give me the best ride (cruising) possible, do not race it. Have Eibach 1" lowering springs all around with Bilstein's, upgraded rear solid control arms and...
  3. zapp240

    center cap overhaul.

    Anyone ever successfully overhaul a center cap? Have my old one that got damaged due to some brake cleaner, was wondering, instead of tossing it, could it be painted? anyone paint one and what paint did you use, thanks
  4. zapp240

    ECM-SOL fuse blows turning key to key Run

    HAve been chasing down a no power to AC compressor connector condition. found power at the light blue wire at AC cutout relay but none on the pnk/blk wire. found a blown 10A fuse in the ECM-SOL fuse block. Replaced it and checked again, same, find out that that the fuse is blowing as soon as i...
  5. zapp240

    spark plug for a champion cnc iron heads

    hey all, my new engine build included cnc champion heads, just checking that i can still use the same plug as stock heads used or is there on that fits better.. had been using the CR42TS at about 25 psi boost, will be about same boost on this motor 25-28 psi.
  6. zapp240

    Stock Radio Repair

    anyone have a source for the belts in the cassette module of a stock 87 radio (w/EQ). have two radios and one separate cassette module and all three have old, stretched belts.
  7. zapp240

    Stock Alternator rebuild

    Have a local shop that will rebuild my stock original (1101 349 120A) alternator. ran the car with lights on and the defroster and the pulsing was crazy so want to refurb it but keep the case as it date matches the car. They offer a 160 or 180 amp upgrade at a significant increase in price. I...
  8. zapp240

    Any supporting vendors currently selling in a drop in aluminum radiator?

    Usually would go thru Dennis on something like this but he is out of stock until august per his website. Looking to get something now, any vendors have a quality drop in aluminum radiator that has oil cooler lines and direct drop in, thanks for suggestions.
  9. zapp240

    intrepid Dual Fan setup

    I need to upgrade the factory fan and want to go the casper's harness and intrepid dual fans. I bought the harness and bought a pulled fan from a local yard for 35 bucks only to find I got the wrong year fan. It looks like I got a 2000 LSH fan. It plugs up to the casper's Harness but has two...
  10. zapp240

    Disabling wideband

    I am running a TT6.1 chip with an AEM 30-4110 wb. got in the car today and the wb is going full scale after a few seconds. I believe it may have gone south on me. in order to drive the car, can I set the chip to disable corrections and it should run off the original O2 sensor? using a P/L what...
  11. zapp240

    oil cooler adapter internal spring bleeder valve condition

    anyone know if the little spring and damper inside the oil cooler adapter plate is supposed to be fixed under tension? mine has a small black stopper inside the spring but it floats inside it and doesn't look like it would be functional. or is the spring just a guide for the black internal...
  12. zapp240

    109 block question

    109 block on ebay, it looks rough but could it be machined and cleaned to be a good core, has room to be worked as it says std bore, but what about all the other work it would need...
  13. zapp240

    TT 6.1 or 5.7 chip?

    I will be upgrading the injectors on my 87 GN here soon and was wondering if I should go with the 6.1 or stay with the 5.7. I currently run 42.5 (009's) with my setup and while looking at logs from a few runs this spring, noticed I have been pushing my duty cycle up into the 90%'s at 25# boost...
  14. zapp240

    Have a log file that somehow got corrupted

    Anyone have the ability to edit / repair a corrupted log file. I was logging when my car popped a vacuum line and backfired and i was interested in seeing the log readings at that point. when i opened the file, i can get to a certain frame and it crashes the pl.exe program It gives a fault...
  15. zapp240

    trouble keeping pcv valve line on under boost

    anyone else had issues and a solution for keeping the vacuum line on the pcv under boost? was getting on an on ramp and hit it only to have it pop and stumble. I was a few minutes from home and popped the hood to hear the leak and see the line off. I was logging at the time so will see what it...
  16. zapp240

    Any Pgh area members going to the Kirban's open house?

    Any Pgh area members planning on driving to the Kirban's event. Have the extended weekend off and was planning on making the trip, not sure about cruising the GN though, was looking to order up a rear bumber filler and it probably wouldn't fit in the GN.
  17. zapp240

    re-installing a turbo shield and bracket.

    I am looking to re-install a shield and bracket on my 87 GN. It did not have either when I got the car. I found a decent set and cut the shield for my 3" DP and blasted and powder-coated both. When trying to get the bracket to mount on the intake, it seems I have about 1" to an 1" 1/2 space...
  18. zapp240

    Gasket at downpipe and turbo

    Should I have a gasket between the downpipe (RJC 3") and turbo? there wasn't one when I got the car but see they are available,, any ideas.
  19. zapp240

    Looking for belt for cassette motor

    Looking to repair my factory radio's cassette player. I took the unit apart and found the belt to be in poor shape. anybody replace one and know of a source for these? wanting to keep the factory radio or i wouldn't be going threw the pain, thanks.
  20. zapp240

    2800 or 3200 rpm stall converter?

    Looking at the ptc 10" L/U converter for my 87 gn TE62 turbo Gbody SLIC 42# injectors Razor Alky RJC 3" dp hooker exhaust racetronix hotwire and fuel pump stock block and internals. (pretty much stock except a few add-ons) getting tranny done , looking at the 2800 or 3200 rpm PTC 10" lock up...