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    Engine Stalling in Reverse

    Try going from park to drive then reverse
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    MTV up spring

    correct if you would like to try some different springs the transgo orange box kit for a 4l60-e has a bunch of 2nd acc. springs in it thank you
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    Boost Valve, such a magical piece

    the looser the converter is the less shift feel,so you need more pump pressure otherwise you will blow threw converter.
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    transmission guru question...

    Give me a call anytime 8 to 5 thanks
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    MTV up spring

    The m.t.v modulates oil to delay upshifts under normal to medium acceleration . So its a good idea to remove the spring
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    Torque convt

    Sounds like 2500 stall converter the club sold years ago . 200 is a good price.
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    Vigilante 5 disc torque converter

    If anything is wrong with the converter then I will personally take care of it so just get with me if there are any issues... New they are $1150 so this converter is brand new, never used and $400 less than the cost of a new one PLUS I will personally cover it if there are any issues. You cant...
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    Vigilante 5 disc torque converter

    The converter was bought years ago i can contact percision and find out thanks
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    Non brf Governor

    Part number at summit for hughes pan is hup- hp3880 nice pan
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    Janis Transmission Reference

    Thank you very much, If anyone needs anything please feel free to call me at the shop
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    Vigilante 5 disc torque converter

    New, Never installed and comes with bolts & tube kit 3500 stall..... $750
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    PTS 9x11 Billet Converter Service

    Rusty at tcs is the man to talk to
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    Help with a 4l60E?

    check your pump stator ring lands for grooves the later model 4l60e uses babbit bushings inside stator could be worn .
  14. J

    Back surgery

    Good luck Dave all of us tranny guys have bad backs it sucks.
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    Loud pump??

    You guys are probably right on the money but 1 problem I had with a buzzing noise is the t.v. limit valve was stuck causing excessive line pressure because it feeds the throttle valve T.V. and recieves oil directly from the pump . 1 problem i had.
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    Problems going forward in 2004R

    Sounds like forward clutch problem .
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    Not WOT shifting

    could be gov also the band not holding at WOT
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    4l80e guys quick question

    Your max line pressure should be 200- 250
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    2680-L Turquoise Converter ????????

    if it has a 6 or 7 stamped on the side its a low stall
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    Do I need a billet input shaft?

    Its always good to upgrade your trans with any billet parts you can . with a non lockup i would put the billet shafted forward drum thats the weakest link at your power level it could break anytime