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    Bottom end for sale

    I have a girdled 109 block with stock rods, .30 TRW pistons, 213/213
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    MAF Translator

    I figured I would see if there is anyone looking to sell a MAF translator before I go but new. Send me a PM and let me know what you may have. I have the LS1 MAF already just need the translator.
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    Need Help, IAC issues?

    So in park the IAC #'s will count down to 00, but at different times when I go into D with foot on brake they will go to 175 range and AR is about a 6-7, and the car will stay idling. I then shut of the car and do it again and in drive the IAC will count down to 00 and will not stay idling...
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    LS1 MAf's Question

    Should you remove the screens for airflow or will this mess up the computer? Also which ones are compatible? What is the difference between the LS1 and the LT1
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    PTC 10" NON Lock Up Convertor For sale

    The numbers on this convertor are: PTC10-700-27 NLU SS I need a lock up convertor as I have just had the transmission converted back to LU. Will be interested in a trade also if you have a LU with a 3200 stall just laying around. This convertor has less than 5000 miles on it. Ready to ship or...
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    A few more things.

    RJC power plate for Precision Plenum. $45.00 Belt tensioner off 60,000 mi Turbo Buick. I dropped it on the pulley and it has a slight bend in it but can change it out for a true round. Other than that it has great tension on it. $50.00 SOLD Vac Hard lines $ 50.00 SOLD Stock GM Air Dam's $...
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    Convertor going bad??

    I have a vigilante 3400stall L/U and I think it may be going bad. Here is why: After I get on the throttle and let back off it shoots fluid out through the filler tube. this only happens when I get on it. I have checked and I do not have any obstruction with the lines and all flows properly...
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    bezel clips

    Im looking for about 5-10 metal bezel clips. These are the ones that hold the dash bezel and radio bezel trim in place. Let me know what you have and $$ Thank you.
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    Scanmaster Numbers on new engine install

    Numbers are: AF 13 L8 48-50 Int 128 BL 128 TPS jumping .65 .75 1.13 4.XX IAC 1.31 I was adjusting this to see where the car will stay idling...its at about 1200 rpm right now cc 203 stays there o2 bad? Pu 2.3 SP 39.8 This is the first time I turning the car by myself. Well by...
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    Misc parts for sale DP, injectors, valve covers, rockers

    RJC power plate for Precision Plenum. $50.00 SOLD Belt tensioner off 60,000 mi Turbo Buick. I dropped it on the pulley and it has a slight bend in it but can change it out for a true round. Other than that it has great tension on it. $50.00 SOLD Vac Hard lines $ 50.00 SOLD Stock GM Air Dam's...
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    What injector and fuel pump size?

    I currently have 55lb Low Z injectors and a Walboro 255 fuel pump. I have a set up that will support bottom 10's provided the driver does not run out of talent. I also run an alkycontrol methanol kit soon to be upgraded to the dual nozzle set up. I was thinking of going with a 75lb injector...
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    Dual fans, windows and door locks not working

    ISSUE SOLVED 3/20/2015- thanks pacecarta !! I have an issue some where that is not allowing my door locks, power windows, or the dual fans to work. I would assume they are related some how? I did check my fuseable links and I have power to all of them. I checked the hi/low relays and replaced...
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    Car turns over but will not start...

    Before I get into this, here is what I have done. Replaced engine and trans, tried to start engine for first time and it would just turn over. My power windows and locks have no power or fuel pump. I checked and put a voltmeter on the fuseable links on the passenger side near the starter and...
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    RJC Intercooler pipes "polished"

    I'm looking for a set of RJC intercooler pipes. I have a set but they are coated silver and have a couple scratched and dents/dings. I plan on showing my car once it is complete. Seein if there is a nice set out there before I buy a new set from RJC. Let me know price and photos if possible...
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    GN1's and ported intake

    I have a nice set of GN1 aluminum castings and the valves with 1.65 Scorpion Roller Rockers. I can throw in a set of springs if needed. I think they are 100lbs spring but will have to double check. I also have the ported intake that was coated inside for smoother air flow. I'm asking 900.00 for...
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    What i will be doing this weekend....its about time!!

    Finally ready to drop in the new motor. Will need to do some more detailing work here and there but I think she will turn out just fine!!
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    Turbo Buick items for sale

    Updated 1/19/15 I have the following items for sale: Eastern front mount inter cooler and 2 pipes, SOLD!!! 1 set of 42lb injectors and v5.6 TT chip $200.00 Chrome turbo shield $100.00 TTA turbo shield white and dirty $50.00 OEM Power Master unit very low miles on it, $250.00 OBO Used...
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    NOS GM Black Bezels

    I have a NOS set of Bezels available if anyone needs them. They are in the GM bag and GM original box. Mint condition. Asking 300.00. The boxes got wet so they are a little deformed but the bezels stayed dry and wrapped in the original plastic. No scratches or blemishes. Never installed.
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    OEM HEadlight Bezels for GN

    I have a set of New OEM headlight bezels. The box has some water damage but the bezels are in new condition. Asking 300.00 for the set. I will post photos of them tomorrow once I get batteries in my camera.
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    Champion Aluminum GN1 Heads

    Does anyone know what size valves and lengths that are used on the GN1's? I tried calling Champion but for the past few weeks the mailbox was full. I have a set of bare castings and need to get them ready to install on my engine. Just need that little bit of information. If anyone knows this...