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    Old School

    Picked up some Terry Houston headers and Kenne Bell valve covers. Don't no if they were used or not they look pretty clean. Check them out:
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    Stainless Steel Pitbull Muffler

    Looking for a stainless steel 3" pitbull muffler. If anybody has one let me know.
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    Kenne Bell Parts

    Anybody have some kenne bell parts they want to sell. Trying to build a car with some old school aftermarket parts. I have kb heads, headers, ram air kit, throttle body, oil pan, fpr, etc., no chips. If you have something let me know. I know the newer aftermarket parts are probably better it's...
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    ATR 3" Downpipe

    Looking for a 3" ATR downpipe with an external wastegate in good condition. LMK!!!
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    Old School Parts

    Checkout these old school parts I purchased. ATR ram air kit with instructions (y) and a flowmaster stock replacement muffler. I thought this was pretty cool. I just like collecting old parts.
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    Kenne Fuel Pressure Gauge

    I have a KB fuel pressure gauge for sale. I brought it used, I never used it. From the pictures you can see the base will need to be painted. It has a little ding on the gauge it self. Take a close look at the pictures, I have some real good close ups. I will take $175 plus shipping, paypal...
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    Jax's Upper Door Panels front and Rear

    I have a set of door panels front and rear from Jax Seat Covers. They are a year old, but never used, never mounted. I did have door escutheons mounted to them, but I will keep them. I went with the leather setup. I'm asking $275 plus shipping, US only, if using Paypal add 3% or send as a...
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    JC Turbo

    Good guy to do business with, 2 thumbs!!!
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    Gauges for Sale

    Auto meter gauges I've had these for about a year. They have never been installed on my vehicle but I did put them pods. Still have the original boxes and instructions. Temp gauge part # 3332, boost gauge part #3304, oil pressure gauge part #3321. They also light up. Trying to raise funds for a...
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    ATR Exhaust

    Brought a ATR 3" SS exhaust with pitbull mufflers (Old School). Mufflers have surface rust. Check the pictures:
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    Kenne Bell Air Dam

    I need this top piece in the picture below to complete my KB air dam. Anybody have one?
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    KB Heads

    I purchased these kenne Bell heads, brand new never used. I was thinking about using them in my 4.1L build. If I change the springs they could be used with rollers, right? Here's some pictures, a little rust needs to be cleaned up.
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    Kenne Bell Headers

    Looking for a nice set of KB headers
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    Kenne Bell Valve Covers

    Still looking for a pair of kenne bell valve covers like the one's below: Anybody!!!
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    Question about 4.1 Block

    I purchased 4.1L 291 block. I took it a machine shop to get it cleaned up. They said the cylinders would clean up at 20 or 30 over. My question is do they make pistons that size. It might sound like a stupid question but I'm new to the buicks.
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    GN Wheel Restoration

    Anybody know a good place to get GN wheels restored. Jim Lyon over at True Design Wheel closed his shop. He did two for me and did a great job. I have two more that need to be done. LMK!!!
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    14 bolt oil pan

    Check this out fellas. I found a nos 14 bolt kenne bell deep sump oil pan with the pickup tube. Here's some pics:
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    RJC Deep Oil Sump Pan

    RJC deep oil sump pan and cork gasket 20 bolt. Brand new never mounted $220 plus shipping and paypal fees. Lower price was $210, now $200 plus shipping US only and paypal fees or send as a gift.
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    Kenne Bell V6 Valve Covers

    I want to trade for or buy Kenne Bell black V6 valve covers. I have a pair of buick motorsports valve covers I'm willing to trade. Here's some pictures of them:
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    NOS -type horn button and UMI lower control arms

    NOS T-type horn button perfect condition. Was a complete set but I used the ring for my vehicle. Will ship in original box $65 shipped in USA. UMI lower control arms part # 3015, had these for a while brand new never mounted $100 plus shipping. Paypal accepted.