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    Ign power slots at Fusebox

    Doing a ton of work and rewiring...getting 3.0 volts at Ign terminals with key off..shouldn't it be 0? Where should I look. Key on does go up to 12.6. Causing issues like causing dash to flicker while key off. Going to continue working while waiting for any info...
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    1983 1987 cutlass tail lights

    I have their pump and steering box. I talked to them on the phone before going for the pump and changing my reservoir too. So far seems to be great. Can't wait to get it out on track of I ever get paint and glass back in it lol Sent from my LM-V600 using Tapatalk
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    Stickies in Sale section

    Is it possible to clean up, consolidate and just delete some of the stickies in the Parts for Sale section? There are 11 to scroll by whenever you look at the listings. Some seem redundant, some are dead (auction) some are ironic (only post one ad for multiple items ). Just a thought.
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    Powerlogger, SD2 chip, TTA fuel pump hotwire, TTA intake

    Pm sent for powerlogger
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    Gauges, suspension, exhaust, power logger, etc etc

    Also rcvd my parts today! Very fast and as described. Thanks!
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    Parts for sale

    Pm sent
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    RJC power plates

    Pm sent
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    Lier Siegler front seats

    I think he wrote about them in his online newsletter also. There is a Camaro site where you can read about the seats too. I think(?)
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    Lier Siegler front seats

    I like them appeared a lot myself. Didn't intend it as a call out btw just letting you know they are GN so probably more $. They look great in the pics good luck on the sale. On another side note... There was 1 86 T Type that came with them before they killed the option. It was a dark blue car...
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    Parts for sale

    Pm sent
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    Lier Siegler front seats

    I think they are both GN just different years. T Types had all solid color velour. Btw you don't have a Lear rear seat by chance?
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    ISO Stainless ATR Exhaust w/Pitt Bull Mufflers

    ATR is nice, I have a 3" Single Shot , not removing it though but if I was starting over I would get one of RJC's systems. I would say they are very comparable to ATR as far as quality and fit. I find a lot of the items they made are copied by others now.
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    Precision 6262 new

    Journal or ball bearing? Thanks for the pics, Looks to be a good deal
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    Precision 6262 new

    Not a pic of the actual turbo.... People ask cuz they want to see proof. If someone were to buy it and just got a bag in a box with a piece of paper they would be upset to say the least and everyone else would say "should of known better".
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    Right & left tail lights

    I'll take them. Pm info
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    ATR headers, passenger replacement header, ATR crossover

    Crossover sold and shipped.
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    ATR headers, passenger replacement header, ATR crossover

    $275 plus shipping for the stock style manifold ( about $25 for shipping, all it it and call it $290). Sale pending on crossover
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    ATR headers, passenger replacement header, ATR crossover

    Been collecting parts, time to sell what I'm not using now. Prices plus shipping. I'm in SF Bay Area. Stock replacement stainless steel crossover from ATR. New never used. $100 ATR 3 bolt turbo header for external waste gate. $300 Kenne Bell (or ATR, not sure) passenger header and crossover...
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    Buick grand national 1987 aftermarket ex

    Think you are right, not a big deal though. Any exhaust shop can make that little slight bend. All in all this seems to be a good deal with everything inclided and the seller responds quickly to texts.