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    Brand New line lock

    New never installed line lock. Sold the car and just found it while cleaning out my garage. Paid $108 selling for $80 shipped. Buyer pays PayPal fees.
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    Brand New boost/vac gauge. Hood ornament

    Both items are sold. Thank you for looking
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    Brand New boost/vac gauge. Hood ornament

    Yes it is. PayPal
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    Brand New boost/vac gauge. Hood ornament

    Brand new Speedhut boost/vacuum gauge that I never installed. Car is long gone. Paid $160. Silver face day/geen at night. Asking $85 shipped. Hood ornament taken off at 70k miles. $50 shipped. Buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    3.8 Turbo Hood Emblem

    100 shipped
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    3.8 Turbo Hood Emblem

    Used but in good shape. I am looking for $150 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Please text me as I don't come online too often. Sold my car and just found this in a wall locker. Selling at about half price of what I've seen online. 850-532-7544. Thanks Dustin
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    Header panel

    Looking for a solid header panel. Thanks
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    More parts for sale for 86/87

    Sorry bud I have been busy all weekend. I'll take it, sending PM now.
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    More parts for sale for 86/87

    I'll take the EGR block off pending shipping price to 32461. Thanks.
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    Tons of leftover parts, Stock and aftermarket, all of it needs to go!!

    I'd like to add the T and limited emblems to the digitails I asked for earlier, if seperated. Thank you
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    Active Duty Service Members Needing Heads

    I am active duty and respect your gesture. We are well paid and provided for. Honestly I feel your offer would be better served to retired/disabled service members. No disrespect, just wanted to say that we (active duty) service members get a nice check 2 times a month without fail. Thank you...
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    Tons of leftover parts, Stock and aftermarket, all of it needs to go!!

    Interested in the digitails if you separate Thanks
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    Ct state police Grand National poster

    That's a cool picture. If they run again, I hope to get one.
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    Super hard brake pedal. Very sketchy to drive

    For now you can check your fuses while you decide what to convert to. I had a bad fuse that gave me a hard pedal. Ultimately I went with vacuum brakes and they are working well. I got a junkyard pedal and brake system for a Camaro (I think, it's been years) from the part store. I believe I had...
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    Cam Sensor Rebuild Kit

    Good video bro.
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    Reproduction seat covers (where to get?)

    I wanted to recover some Lear Siegler seats out of a GN. Unfortunately I cant find any original style covers.
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    Antenna Harness (Antenna to Radio)

    I will have one once I get my car back from paint if you still need one.
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    Interior T Top plastics

    With 3D printing, is anyone looking at reproducing interior plastics?