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    Scanmaster as a gauge

    Any update on when these ship? Thanks.
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    How many of you guys have a go pro?

    I have a Hero 3+. When I first got it, my wife was getting into SCUBA diving and I wanted to see what she was seeing. I ended up also getting into diving. So, now I use the camera to show family and friends our dives. I've also used it for time-lapse and some car shots. It's a clever...
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    Anyone want HID Lights

    Do these lights have the correct cut-off pattern for low beam HID lights?
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    Clay "Nasty Wendy" in Hospital

    The hospital is thinking either you blew a head gasket, a bad thermostat or you need a better radiator. :) Seriously, keep fighting and get well soon. I agree with what was said a few posts ago... hospitals are under too much pressure to release as quickly possible. Good luck!
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    Clay "Nasty Wendy" in Hospital

    My prayers and best wishes Clay. Just like the car, you'll make a great come back.
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    Greetings from Germany

    So, this car has passed TUV? Impressive if it did. When I lived in Germany I looked into bringing my car over, but I'm glad I didn't. I'll be visiting Germany soon. Can't wait to get some autobahn time in. :)
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    I could use your help...

    Great idea for a project. I may have a few odds and ends. When do you need these parts?
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    Prius Owner vs. Diesel Truck Owner LOL

    I say this every time I see this video... this woman has SUCH a problem with this guys diesel truck, yet when her Prius breaks down, GUESS what will come to tow her to the Toyota dealership. *CLACK CLACK CLACK*... You guessed it! A big ol' rollback with a diesel. I do find it it amusing how...
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    Healthcare coverage WTF!

    This can't be true?? On the news, there are politicians and pundits who told me that all of this is all fabricated by the right.
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    Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

    Clay... congratulations!! When a person takes another person to court, the idea is to make the damaged person whole. Here, the Buick community stepped up and made you whole (and even better) without one lawyer involved. :) It sounds like these past few years have been real roller coaster in...
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    Greetings from Germany

    Where in Germany are you located? You can PM me if you don't want to say on the board. Good luck with the car.
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    MN has "GNX" series license plates on cars...

    A friend of mine has GNX tags on her Honda. Talk about a mismatch.
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    Welcome MAGNA!

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    another car in the hole!

    I believe five Corvettes were pulled out initially, but three were left in the hole while they secured the walls of the hole and removed some of the concrete/debris. I read that they covered one of the Corvettes with a tarp, then intentionally covered it with sand to keep it from being damaged...
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    Gotta wonder what people are thinking when they do these things.

    He could have done this to a t-top car and mounted the intercooler and air filter out of the roof. :O
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    Gotta wonder what people are thinking when they do these things.

    I just saw this post of FB. I have a good mind to go look in person. I'm sorry, but you're telling me that if that if there's a fire you have to climb up and around the motor to get out??? Hard to tell from the photos... but NOT for me.
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    Heading back to Europe (Germany)

    I lived in Germany from 2002 to 2005 (hence my avatar) and thought about taking my car with me. I wasn't military, so in hindsight, it was probably better that I left the car here. I know the American car show events there were really cool. Enjoy your time there. BTW... great looking car.
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    BPG Ohio vs Bowling Green

    I think you meant Oct. 15th thru Oct. 18th.
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    BPG Ohio vs Bowling Green

    Thanks, that must have been a recent change.
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    BPG Ohio vs Bowling Green

    Well, I'm also in MD and have been to both BPG and BG. Although I haven't been to BG in a few years. The date has changed for BG. it was in October for a while, but now it's the second week of Sept. As mentioned above, I think both events have different things to offer. Bowling Green...