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  1. turbojay

    87 GN parts for sale

  2. turbojay

    Fore Sale: Nice List

    PM sent regarding the ECM.
  3. turbojay

    18x9 on front?

    Stock brakes for now. I have the hardware for upgrading to Blazer brakes in the front but haven't done the install yet. My GN definitely needs a brake upgrade.
  4. turbojay

    18x9 on front?

    My GN has 18x9 GNX rep wheels on the front. Tires are 255/35R-18. My car does have full Ridetech suspension(coilivers/upper/lower arms) and the front passenger tire will rub very rarely on big dips in the road.
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    VDO Boost Gauge - $40

    I messaged you the tracking number. Package should arrive by end of day Saturday. Cheers.
  6. turbojay

    VDO Boost Gauge - $40

    Thanks. Will ship it tomorrow.
  7. turbojay

    VDO Boost Gauge - $40

    Hi There. I checked USPS.COM and shipping came out to $9.45 so can you please send $39.45. Please send the money with family/friend option. I am a long time member of this board. My PayPal account is Thanks - Jay
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    VDO Boost Gauge - $40

    VDO boost gauge for sale. It was working fine when removed. Comes with vacuum hoses as seen in pics. Can be picked up locally near Chicago. $30 + shipping.
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    How much for the horn sticker?
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    New Stereo & Speakers

    You do you brother.
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    Hey Sorry. I don't check here too often. The rear wheel specs are...285/30R-19 with power 6...

    Hey Sorry. I don't check here too often. The rear wheel specs are...285/30R-19 with power 6 Hex GNX style caps, FIRESTONE FIREHAWK INDY 500 XL
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    Proportioning valve question

    Very nice...congrats.
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    Any down sides of having a Chrome or Polished Turbo Compressor Housing?

    My Grand National is lowered about 2" on Ridetech coilovers and these specs fit with zero rubbing even on big dips/bumps in the road. fronts: 18" x 9"(4-1/4" BS), 255/35R-18 and rears: 19" x 9.5"(4-3/8" BS), 285/30R-19 You can go even wider in the back to 305 if you roll the fenders.
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    2022 THS Sponsors for BG

    You need shorter tires upfront. I had the same issues after installing the Ridetech system on my car. I tried adjusting the coilover in that corner as much as I could and the tire still rubbed. The GTA front tires are probably 25-26" tall and you need to run tires that are under 24". My...
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    New Stereo & Speakers

    Just realized that you probably were asking about the dash speakers. I don't have any pictures but it was a bit painful getting the screws out, I just used a drill bit attached to a pair of pliers. The dashboard disintegrated when I tried to remove it, looks like the previous owner had it all...
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    New Stereo & Speakers

    This is the only picture I took of the speaker in the door install. The new speakers fit exactly where the old ones were. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Stereo & Speakers

    You can access the equalizer via the iPhone app, plus it has a bunch of preset sound settings that you can select from. I'm still learning all it can do.
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    Quick video of my flush kit installation. And how to remove install a stereo in our Buicks

    I recently installed Gary's's flush, doesn't stick out at all, and super easy to install.
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    New Stereo & Speakers

    It sounds great. The rear speakers have just enough base that you don't really think about adding a subwoofer. The fronts are nice and clear also. It's a 100% improvement over the Delco speakers that were in there before, more clear sound, better base, & louder. I only replaced the stereo...