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    Is There a Rear Spoiler That Works?

    Stock GN spoiler is very small and probable does nothing but look cool. Does anyone know where I can get one that actually puts downforce on rear tires at speed? Conrad
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    Front Air Dam & REar Diffuser

    My son just designed, fabricated and installed custom front air dam and rear diffuser on my GN. Looks great, really helps on high speed tracks, and is easy to remove for daily driving. Photos attached. Conrad
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    Front Air Dam & Rear Diffuser

    Thought I would post some recent photos of my 84GN. My son fabricated and installed custom front air dam and a rear diffuser on my car. It looks real cool!! You may notice that front is very close to the ground. It was designed to be pretty much a "track only" part that is easily installed or...
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    WTB: Dual 3" SS Cat-Back Exhaust

    ATR or TRC setup would be perfect. Others considered. Doesn't have to be in perfect condition. Email me!
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    Percy's Wheel Rite

    Used 1 time. Like new. $55 shipped continental USA. Conrad
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    Cigarette Lighter Socket

    Looking for a good working cigarette lighter socket...the piece that installs in the dash. Anyone? Parts Houses stuff doesn't work! Conrad North Carolina
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    WTB- CAS Sheetmetal Intake for Off-Center Production Heads

    looking for nice un-modified CAS (Tont DeQuick) aluminum Sheetmetal intake. Anyone! Conrad
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    WTB - Brembo Calipers off Mustang w/14" Rotors

    looking for set of front Brembo calipers off late model Mustang. 4 or 6 piston for 14" or 15" rotor. Conrad
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    Laptop Holder/Stand

    Laptop Stand/Holder. Conrad
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    Looking for Darrin in Mooresville, NC

    Darrin, Understand you need some help with your GN. Shoot me an email at if you see this and still need help. Conrad Albemarle, NC
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    1984 GN Headliner Material - Source?

    i need to replace headliner material on my 84 Grand National. It has the Sand material. There is a supplier but forget who it is. Anyone? Conrad
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    Cool Fire Extinguisher Installs???

    How about it? I also have a harness bar so pics of install on harness as well. Conrad
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    Cigarette Lighter Socket Keeps Blowing Fuse

    i keep having issues with cig lighter socket blowing fuse. Is the socket removable? If so, where can I find a good socket? Conrad
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    USCA Event - Charlotte MOtor Speedway - July 25-26, 2015
  15. Hot Air

    USCA Event at Charlotte Motor Speedway This Weekend (7/24-26/2015)

    Hot off the press!
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    Ultimate Street Car Association Event at CMS July 25 & 26

    Will any TB's be participating? Conrad
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    Visiting Houston 7/7 to 7/14....any Buick Action?

    visiting daughter for next 7 days. Trying to connect with Buick folks to see what is going on in Texas. Located near Rice Village. Anyone? Conrad...from NC.
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    TechAFX Teflon Hose -Fittings Question

    Will Tech AFX's Teflon hose work with Aeroquip or other companies normal AN fittings? Aeroquips Teflon hose requires their special PTFE fittings. If that is not bad enough, these fittings are severely limited. Anyone know? Conrad
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    Turbos With 4" Exhaust.....4 Bolt Housing?

    Which manufacturer and what model? Conrad
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    Feedback on Billet Tensioner?

    how is the billet tensioner working for everyone? Thinking about taking the plunge. Conrad