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  1. turbolou

    Grand national rear control arms

    Grand national or G body rear control arms $200 plus shipping 949-378-1590 ask for Lou
  2. turbolou

    Headers, 3 in. Cutout, p/s reservoir

    New ATR style headers $350 .00 New 3” cutout $150.00 New NOS Power steering reservoir part number 25531140. $150 .00 Plus shipping 949-378-1590
  3. turbolou

    3 inch RJC downpipe

    3 inch RJC down pipe new, $ 400.00 , Choice of straight or cut out style test pipe $175.00 plus shipping.
  4. turbolou

    Stage II heads rockers pushrods pistons etc.

    Chapman fully ported stage II heads beryllium seats titanium valves T&D Roller rockers ,40 over J&E Coated 8.1 pistons for 200 long rods ,rings, pushrods, solid roller lifters, ATI balancer, ARP head bolts everything must go ,Package deal $1300.00 949-378-1590
  5. turbolou

    Parts for sale

    Fresh champion cylinder heads Recent rebuild with roller valve springs 1,500.00 new comp roller cam 218/212 LS 113 valve lift 528/520 $300.00 T/A new roller lifters $200.00 949-378-1590
  6. turbolou

    TR 6 module & wires

    TR six module coil pack and wires 949-378 -1590 $500.00 plus shipping. I would prefer direct contact as opposed to text messages and emails.
  7. turbolou

    Engine core complete

    109 rebuildable engine core complete 1200.00 949-378-1590
  8. turbolou

    Built 231 Engine for sale

    Fresh build 030 over 109 block J&E 8.1 pistons Steel crank ,rods main caps ARP studs throughout cometic head gaskets 505 lift 212/212 Comp roller T/A Front cover and oil pump. RJC pan Champion fully ported irons And intake T&D rockers manly pushrods . 72 mm throttlebody and Upper manifold...
  9. turbolou

    Built 231 engine for sale

    030 over 109 block J&E 8.1 pistons Steel crank and rods 505 lift 212/212 Comp roller T/A Front cover and oil pump. RJC pan Champion fully ported irons And intake T&D rockers manly pushrods . 72 mm throttlebody and Upper manifold balanced and zero decked Kenny bell headers Plus much more...
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  11. turbolou

    hinges !

    Hinges for boost crew Bo's front teeth !
  12. turbolou

    Comp roller cam

    New comp billet roller 212/218 @ 050, 520/538 lift, 113 L.S. $350.00, 949-378-1590
  13. turbolou

    Thanks Brent!

    Brent (underboost ) donated his plates for my Demon ( May the bashing begin ) I fully expect the scum spoolfool and Turboelky to go postal over that license plate. May they not sleep well facing the inevitable, They should seriously consider selling their cars to save themselves from certain...
  14. turbolou

    check out stage parts in for sale section

    tired of storing make offer !
  15. turbolou

    stage II parts

    I have a following stage alumn fully ported heads Titanium valves, beryllium seats, roller springs , solid lifters, push rods, motorsport front cover, ATI super dampner, T&D roller rockers, sheet metal valve covers, & 040 turbo pistons for .200 long rod . $1,800.00 or offer. 949-378-1590 Regards...
  16. turbolou

    wet sump oil pan & Dutt style oil pump needed

    A 4.1 stage II engine I aquired recently is minus some parts. I'm trying to decide what to do with this conversation piece. Anyone have a wet sump oil pan & Dutt. style oil pump . Also headers & F.I. intake manifold for stage heads. I'm also entertaining selling this stuff also if I happen to...
  17. turbolou

    one mistake !

    Here's a sad example of the witch hunt caused by the flood of sexual abuse allegations: A good friend of mine, after 7 yrs of medical school and training has been fired for one minor indiscretion. He slept with one of his patients and can no longer work in the profession. What a waste of time...
  18. turbolou

    Jeremy the victim !

    I spent an hour on the phone yesterday listening to a very distraught turboelky . He is in dire need of a header panel promised by that offspring of a swine spoolfool. As many remember how excited we were when he was motivated to fill a need & promised to start makeing them. Some of us even...
  19. turbolou

    GNX cat back exhaust recommendation

    GNX 537 is in my shop & needs a new exhaust cat back . What is the best available currently. Thanks Lou
  20. turbolou

    Hellcat takes out 10 sec. GN at Irwindale

    We all know & love Spoolfool the bumper filler expert. After suffering abuse from him & his minions non stop for buying a dodge I had enough & called him out to a race at Irwindale beside the undeniable fact that I handed him his ass he has resorted to behaving like a Democrat with dirty...