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  1. buicktom61

    Heater blower doesn't run

    Hello from Germany! I own a 86 GN with digital dash and digital AC control unit. In winter I put a new AC compressor into the car, because it was very noisy. Now I want to refill the system, but my heater doesn't run. I checked it with direct 12V from the battery and it works. It seems to be...
  2. buicktom61

    Engine runs very rich

    Hi, only for understanding and maybe I made a mistake when I made the tune up of the engine. My engine is allways running very rich whether I use close or open loop. Performance is okay, but I am not shure it could be more if it would be running leaner. What was done on the engine, you see in...
  3. buicktom61

    Digital heater/ AC unit problem

    Hi, my GN has the digital heater/ AC unit. Before I took my engine off for repair and cleaning the engine bay, the heater worked without flashing diods. After putting all together, the diods on the unit is flashing. Any idea where the problem is. Thanks for your help and greetings from...
  4. buicktom61

    Looking for Kenne Bell Air Intake Filter with housing

    Hi, I need the complete Kenne Bell Air filter housing or something like that. Any offer appreciated. Seller should be willing to ship to Germany. Thanks Thomas
  5. buicktom61

    Snorkel for original air cleaner

    Hi, I am searching for an air cleaner snorkel for the original air cleaner box (86 GN). Any offers appreciated and you should be willing to send it to Germany. Thanks Thomas
  6. buicktom61

    Antenna adapter

    Hi, I want to put a AC Delco Radio out of a 1992 Buick Park Avenue in my GN. I bought the cable connector which fit perfectly. My problem is the right antenna adapter. The female connecter in my PA Radio is smaler than the male plug from the antenna. Anybody knows what the right adapter is and...
  7. buicktom61

    Need nuts for rear light cluster

    Hi, I live in Germany. I need some of the nuts which holds the rear lights in place. I would appreciate if someone can send me 4 of this nuts. Payment with paypal is no problem. Hope someone is willing to help. Zip here in Germany is 41189. Thanks Thomas
  8. buicktom61

    Need Door Sticker Photos

    Hi, Can anybody send me some good photos of the driver door stickers? Need them for technical inspection and registration here in Germany. I own a 86 GN with T-Tops. Thanks for your help and have anice weekend. Thomas
  9. buicktom61

    Unknow object in the oil pan?

    Hello, Yesterday I pulled the oil pan of my th2004r. Oil was clear and didn't smell burned. In the pan I found two plastic parts. I don't know where they from. Any idea? Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany Thomas
  10. buicktom61

    Turbo Oil Feed line and oil restrictor

    Hello, I read the post about the oil restrictor. Where can I get one and what parts and lines do I need to change from the stock metal line to flexible line? I would appreciate if there is a vendor where I can get all the stuff I need because I live in Germany. Thanks Thomas
  11. buicktom61

    Throttle position setting?

    Hi, I own a 1996 park Avenue Ultra with 3,8 SC for every day.. What is the right setting for the throttle? Tech 2 shows 0,0% at idle. Idle Speed is jumping around when engine is warm. Thanks Thomas
  12. buicktom61

    Turbo power switch

    Hi, my GN has the digital Dashboard with the low and high pressure light for the Turbo. When I start driving the low pressure light lights right after I push the the gas pedal a little bit. When I push it a more the high pressure light begins to light, but when I go the way to full throttle...
  13. buicktom61

    Which converter should I buy?

    Hello, after the engine update and my first test drive, I believe that I need another converter. I now have a restalled D5 with stall around 2400 rpm. The engine was upgraded from nearly stock to 60lbs injectors, G-Body slic, TT chip and a TE-61. You can see the combo I use below. What I want...
  14. buicktom61

    Need your advice

    Hello, Today I did my first drive after restoration and upgrading my GN. Car ran great for the first time, but made some smoke on idle. Doesn't look like burning oil. It looked like running to rich on idle and on drive. No smoke on any driving condition. Fuel pressure with disconnected vacuum...
  15. buicktom61

    Buick Greetings from Germany

    Hello, I am finishing my 86 GN after some month of restoration. Last Saturday I had it out of my shop for the first time. It was a good time for some nice photos. This photo I like most and I want to share it with you, because it shows my Buick Muscle cars. The yellow is a 1967 Buick GS 400...
  16. buicktom61

    Fuel pump does not run

    Hi, Last winter I put a new walbro fuel pump, a hot wire kit, a pressure gauge and regulator in my GN. Everything worked fine until today. When I turn the ignition on, the pump doesn't start for priming. No pressure on the gauge. While I start the pump doesn't work either. In the moment I turn...
  17. buicktom61

    Seat back release

    Hi, on both front seats the seatback release doesn't work. The seatback can't be fixed in its upright position. It is allways free, but the latch release works okay. You can push it down and it comes back to its position. Any idea how to fix it? Greetings from sunny Germany Thomas
  18. buicktom61

    Rough starting after short stop

    Hello, last Saturday I had to put my GN out off the garage. I started and it run a little bit rough the first seconds. I put it out and stopped the engine after a minute. After half an our I tried to put it back. I started but the engine was stumbling and hesitating, Sounds like running only on...
  19. buicktom61

    History research of my GN

    Hello, Last year I have bought my GN on ebay from someone who lives in the Dallas area. He bought it from Texas Classic cars of Dallas in 2012. The previous owner told me, the car came from Florida. All I know is the car had a damage on right front fender and bumper. It was well repaired. When...
  20. buicktom61

    Bilstein part numbers ?

    Hi, does anybody have the original Bilstein part numbers for front and rear shocks? I live in Germany and it should be much cheaper to order them here than from the USA. Thanks Thomas