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  1. Turbo6inKY

    2020 Optima Invitational at COTA!

    This year, with SEMA cancelled, Optima Batteries rented out Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX, for the Hi Performance Expo. The Optima Invitational is going to take place, along with a standalone autocross on Sunday with a $25,000 purse, a show and shine, some offroad stuff and roll...
  2. Turbo6inKY

    Original starter, $10 + shipping

    I have the original starter from my car here. Works great, swapped it out for a lightweight mini starter, and I just don't have a use for this, but it works just fine. Would be great for a restoration, or even as a core to get a new one. I'm tired of tripping on it, and it's too nice to just...
  3. Turbo6inKY

    What happens when a Buick shows up at a Porche club track day?

    I know I haven't posted much using the Buick on track this year, so I dug into the archives and stitched together this little ditty. Enjoy, and feel free to pull it out whenever you run into somebody that says these are garbage on a track with turns.
  4. Turbo6inKY

    2020 is on!

    The start of the season was delayed, but things are opening up, and as long as everybody keeps their distance and COVID-19 doesn't flare up, we're green to race. Since the car came home from Saudi, it's been stashed in my Dad's shop while I repainted my girlfriend's Benz. The clear had...
  5. Turbo6inKY

    Harbor Freight jack stand recall!

    I have a pair. They're going back before they drop a car on my face. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  6. Turbo6inKY

    PTC 10" NLU, 3100 stall $300

    As it says in the title. It's a PTC 10 inch non-lockup, 3100 stall. Fresh back from PTC after a complete service. Good as new. Tired of tripping over it. $300 plus the ride. Hit me up!
  7. Turbo6inKY

    2019 Riyadh Global Auto Salon

    I guess my thread on this got lost in the crash, so I'll post again. Here's why there was never a followup to my thread on going to the SCCA Nats, another opportunity came up: While the Buick's been gone, I decided to undertake a new project, a 1994 Ford...
  8. Turbo6inKY

    TR6 ignition and Coils $400

    For sale: 1 Bailey TR6 ignition box. Fully functional and has the latest firmware flashed onto it 1 Genuine GM/Delco Coilpack (~150 miles on it) 1 Spare O'Reilly Auto Coilpack (~15 miles on it, mounted it for testing) Everything works perfectly. I converted to Coil-near-plug and just don't...
  9. Turbo6inKY

    Working e-Dash with a Raspberry Pi and ECUGN

    I got it working. We'll see how reliable it is this week. I have NSRA Thur/Fri, an autocross at NCM in Bowling Green Saturday, and a Time Trial Sunday at NCM.
  10. Turbo6inKY

    2019 Bristol Match Tour

    This week is the Bristol Match/Champ tour double event at Bristol Motor Speedway. I couldn't do the Champ tour which is Sat/Sun due to stuff, but I signed up for the Match Tour which ran Thursday and Friday. The Match Tour format is a bit different than a classic national event. Instead of six...
  11. Turbo6inKY

    2019 SCCA Solo Nationals

    So, I managed to get signed up. They had major computer server problems this year, but I got in. The first week of September I'll be in Lincoln, Nebraska with 1300 of my closest friends, racing at an airport converted into a very large parking lot. Of 23 in my class and 1300 at the event, I'm...
  12. Turbo6inKY

    2019 Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car, Round 3 (NCM)

    We're down in Bowling Green this weekend. Autocross wrapped, D&E is done, and we successfully completed the road rally. Right now I'm sitting in 7th in GTV, out of 22 that made the event. Just 1.9 seconds away from first. The only issue so far has been the vacuum line to the charcoal canister...
  13. Turbo6inKY

    Odd 'n Ends (Springs, vacuum hard lines, oil fill cap, etc.)

    Cleaning out the garage and dug these up. None of it's ever going back on my car, but maybe somebody here can use it and I don't have to throw it out. Oil fill caps: Stock neck and cap, needs gasket Aluminum tube and push-in breather Stock hard vacuum lines Stock driver side harness...
  14. Turbo6inKY

    Kentucky Region 2019 Season

    I'm going to stick all my local region vids in this thread. I'll still do national events in their own threads, but I figured I'd consolidate a little. The first local region points event was today, and things went well. I had a co-driver this time, which means essentially hot lapping the car...
  15. Turbo6inKY

    2019 Grenada Pro Solo

    This past weekend was the Grenada Pro Solo at the Grenada Municipal Airport in Mississippi. It was wet. Here's a montage of all of my runs in order. After the Saturday session, which involved standing water and me being SMRT and bringing some rain tires, I was sitting pretty in 17th of 38, just...
  16. Turbo6inKY

    2019 CAM Challenge at ZMAX

    I'll be at ZMax Dragway this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the SCCA CAM Challenge/Champ tour event, if anybody in the area wants to stop by. Spectating is free. I'm planning on being onsite by 2pm Thursday, and the action starts at 8AM Friday and should conclude early in the afternoon on...
  17. Turbo6inKY

    2019 Season Schedule

    Hey all, I've put together my plan for 2019. If you're around any of these events, stop in and say hi!
  18. Turbo6inKY

    60lb Deka/Seimens matched injector set (high impedance)

    I bought these from TurboTweak many moons ago, and they've performed flawlessly. I just swapped out to a larger set to run E85, so these are up for sale. These suckers will allow E85 on a stock cam/stock turbo engine (or possibly a TA49 equivalent, you'll have to do the math), or high tens on...
  19. Turbo6inKY

    Stuff! Shocks! OEM air cleaner! Oil cooler lines! Fuel stuff! Valvetrain!

    Ok, finally getting around to the pile of stuff I meant to bring to Bowling Green before the Optima thing hijacked my month. All prices are sans shipping, so get with me for a final quote. All these parts are from a 1987 GN. First off, we have a set of Bilstein HD6 series shocks. They've been...
  20. Turbo6inKY

    2018 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

    Well, I made it. Been a pile of work, but I made it. Stay tuned. The car will be on display at SEMA October 30, and the event is November 3-4.