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  1. griffgoody

    PS Wiper Arm.

    Need passenger side wiper arm for 86 GN.
  2. griffgoody

    6 way Power Seat Tranasmission.

    Looking for a good used or new 6 way Power Seat Tranasmission for an 86 GN.
  3. griffgoody

    TT Chip and TT fuel Pump

    I have a TT Chip (93 Alky 80lb Inj) and a TT 255 Pump for sale. Both for $135 shipped. Both Chip and Pump only have one HR of run time on them.
  4. griffgoody

    WTB: Casper XFI Oil and Fuel Sensor Kit.

    Need Casper XFI Oil and Fuel Sensor Kit. Thanks John
  5. griffgoody

    WTB: Front Bumper Fillers

    Looking for a set of front bumper fillers for 86 GN. Thanks John.
  6. griffgoody


    OK. I've sold all my other things (PL/SM/WBAND). I've found me a tuner in my area. So i'm looking to see whats out there and the prices of these systems/kits. I'm looking for a COMPLETE KIT. Not a kit with something missing or being used and not 4sale. SO if the price is right. Looking to...
  7. griffgoody


    Selling my Scanmaster and 2.2 chip for $185 shipped. Friends or Family or add 3% for fees. Thanks John.
  8. griffgoody

    Hydraulic Roller Lifters.

    Need a set of hyd Lifters for a comp 216/216 roller cam. Thanks.
  9. griffgoody

    selling a few parts

    1) 1 Used Power Logger. $185 shipped. 2) 1 Brand New Wideband X-series. $ 160 shipped
  10. griffgoody


    Found a few items i'm not going to use. LT1 maf and 4 T-Caps. ALL Shipped for $125 obo.
  11. griffgoody

    Selling Wideband and Power Logger.

    Going in another diretion. Both are Brand New. PL and Aem x-series wideband (30-0310). $420 shipped.
  12. griffgoody


    Selling my TT chip. 42lb inj / alky. $35 shipped.
  13. griffgoody

    FAST XFI Sportsman

    Looking to purchase a Fast XFI Egt Module w / harness, fittings and thermocouples. Not the FAST XFI 2.0.
  14. griffgoody

    Pistons - Ring Kit - 42lb Inj

    I will have he following for sale monday. Not going to bore my motor. Going to sale in Package Deal. Don't want to separate at his time. Thanks 1 Speed Pro Pistons (6) L2481F 30 New 2 Sealed Power Rings E434K 30 New 3 42lb Injectors Used Not pictured. Had them sent off to Chuck...
  15. griffgoody

    What Cam?

    They pulled the cam out. It's no good. Can't use. Soooooo. What cam do y'all recommend. Either in Flat Tappet or Roller. When build is done. It will have stock bottom end. Slightly or full P/P Heads & Intake. 60 Turbo. 60lb Injectors. And a 2800 stall. On top of other things. Thanks John.
  16. griffgoody

    109 Crank.

    Need a good std/std Crank. Thanks.
  17. griffgoody

    Any Tuner's in the Northeast GA Area.

    Looking for a good tuner in the Norhteast GA Area. Thanks
  18. griffgoody

    WTB: WideBand

    Want to buy a good used or new wideband without the gauge. Thanks John.
  19. griffgoody

    Got my PL & SM in. Anything Else.

    Just got my Scan Master & Power Loger in this week. Do i really need a Wide Band 02 ? If the 3 are better together. Which one is recommended. Don't won't one with a guage. Thanks in advance.
  20. griffgoody

    Dilemma: Heads or Turbo.

    I want to think everyone here for all the Head info. I see mostly everyone likes Aluminum over Irons. And I get it. But i'm on a "Budget Build". And i'm gonna put the BEST in my build. But can't afford the BEST of the BEST at this time. My goals are mid to low 11's. Maybe High 10's. And i know...