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    is there a street tire for a 3.5 inch rim

    I have the 3.5 inch convo pros with skinny strip tires . Can i fit a more radial street friendly tire on these rims.
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    Manteno’s last cruise night of the year

    Hey guys and gals. I own a 86 gun and run the Manteno cruise nights. Sept 4 th is our last one of the year. We hold it in downtown Manteno from 6 to 9 pm. 50 50 raffle door prizes etc. would love to see another tb Buick here. Thanks.
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    Electricians question

    I’m restoring an1950s Philco refrigerator and someone installed a newer plug on the wires. When I unplugged it from the wall the wires pulled out of the plug. Both blades are the same size so does it matter which wire goes when I install a new plug. Thanks
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    Manteno cruise nights are back

    First and third tuesday of the month starting May 15th. 6 to 9 pm downtown Manteno. 50 50 raffle and door prizes. Im a turbo buick guy and would love to see some other come out. Email me for more info at thanks
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    Manteno Cruise Nights

    Only 2 cruise nights left, tuesday August 15th and Sept. 5th. Would love to see other buicks come down. Downtown Manteno on Main st. along the railroad tracks. Tomorrow (15th) we have be re located 4 blocks south on Main st. as our lot is under construction. 50/50, door prizes, music, good...
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    Manteno cruise nights are back

    Sorry about the late post but we started up again. May 17th thru Sept. 6th. Downtown Manteno across the tracks from Rad Rides by Troy. 6-9 pm First and third tuesdays of the month. Thanks
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    support for exhaust at the test pipe connection

    I just put on a new Pypes exhaust to my existing test pipe. Seems to hang a little low in that area. Are you running a support brace in the test pipe to y pipe connection. thanks
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    Manteno Cruise Nights are starting again

    I run the Manteno Cruise Nights down here in Manteno IL. Starting May 19 thru Sept. 1st. Every 1st and 3rd tuesday of the month. 50/50 raffle, door prizes, 50's music, Downtown Manteno on Main st. from 6-9 pm. If anyone needs more info email me at Thanks
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    opinions on what mid to late 2000 car to buy

    Ok im in the market for a different car. Must be a 4 door. 2 kids 9 and 6. doing some research shows the Chevy impalas have a history of transmission problems and also the honda accords ( have 2 co workers that both have blown around 100k. I drive 92 miles round trip. I dont mind fixing a...
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    2003 IMPALA transmission question

    I have an 03 impala 3.8 with 160k on it. shortly after i bought it at around 140k the trans started acting up. i drive 92 miles round trip a day and here is what it is doing 1. if i pull away from a light at a very slow speed it shifts to 2nd fine, if i pull away from a light and accelerate...
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    Looking for a chroming shop in the Midwest area

    I just finished restoring and painting a 1955 sears coldspot refrigerator and need the handle hinges etc re chromed Not looking for a real high end shop but don't want crap either. What chrome shops have you used. Thanks.
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    03 Chevy impala power steering return line bad

    My return line is bad at the fitting at the rack and pinion. Looks like a bear to change as it routes from the drivers side to the passenger side up to the front of engine cradle over and back to the pump. Since it's the return would you get a fitting and splice it in. Anyone ever do the return line
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    performance slic

    looking for a precision or other brand slic. let me know if you have one to sell.
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    Can anyone recognize this slic

    Here's a couple pics I have from someone. Thanks
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    testing waters on a trade of a BA front mount and new pipes to a pte stock location intercooler

    I have a BA front mount(bought from turbo cliff) and I ended up buying new pipes for it from Dan at DLS. The hoses are crap but if you want them I'll throw them in too. Im looking to get a nice performance stock location intercooler like the PTE unit or let me know what you have. Just looking...
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    Manteno cruise nights are back

    Same as always. First and third Tuesdays of the month starting May 20th thru September 2. Times are 6-9 pm 50/50 raffle and always a free cooler of water is on hand if you don't want to pack a cooler. This year The Village of Manteno has invited the cruise night cars to join them for Music in...
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    Manteno cruise night, last one of year

    The last cruise night of the year is Sept. 3rd in Manteno. All years makes models are invited. It starts at 6pm and goes till 9pm. Food and ice cream are right across the street. We park in the Main st. parking lots. Hope to see so turbo buicks there. For more info email me at...
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    Looking for a cottage on a nice fishing lake within 2-3 hrs of chicago area

    Me and my family would like to rent a cottage on a decent fishing lake. I had a few suggestions like Bass lake, or Lake Wawasee in Indiana. I was told Lake shafer is not that good for fishing due to the Boat traffic. Give me your suggestions or if you have a place on a lake that you rent out...
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    hotchkis 1 " lowering springs rear only

    I have a pair of hotchkis lowering springs that i had on the car for a couple years , car was only used for drag racing 4-5 track visits a year and maybe a total of 200 street miles. I put the stock springs back in a few years ago. I have had these sitting in the garage in plastic bags...
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    amana dryer heats for 5-10 minutes

    I have a 10 year old amana dryer, it is only heating(gas) for about 10 minutes then shuts off. I just looked it up on amana website and there are 2 thermostats, 1 is a 146F cycle thermostat and the other is just a thermostat. any ideas on which one it is . Model number DLG330RAW thanks