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  1. 87GN 98GTP

    Brand new spohn rear tubular adjustable control arms Brand new in black with tool in mild steel. No need for them after new alignment. Thought rear was bend and it wasn't. Save over...
  2. 87GN 98GTP

    Powermaster,stock uppers and brakes with spindle

    these are out of a low mile 39k grand national. Make offers at -powermaster works needs accumulator but switch and motor works great - stock upper control arms ball joints are fine -stock calipers,pads and rotors(those have few thousand miles on them good ceramic pads)and...
  3. 87GN 98GTP

    Brand new single adjustable sphoon rear coil overs

    as in description brand new. Going a different route never installed. New 580. Looking for 500 plus shipping. Email me
  4. 87GN 98GTP

    140lb springs with retainers

    As stated used about 100 miles. Weber put them in my cam that needed 240lb springs. Asking $50 but open to offers. Shipping will be about 15 bucks. Email me at
  5. 87GN 98GTP

    Tubular front lower control arms

    before I buy brand new. Anyone have nice used front lower tubular control arms
  6. 87GN 98GTP

    Coil over in rear. Who's done it

    I'm debating on getting rear coil overs the car is mainly a cruiser and a little bit at the track I have full rear suspension besides that and drag shocks too. Is this worth it? As they are 500 bucks
  7. 87GN 98GTP

    Front control arms

    Prob going to get some upper control arms but would like lowers as well but there not cheap. Wandering is there really worth the money versus stock lowers. Meaning its not a daily driver, cruiser and 1/4 mile to the track once in awhile Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  8. 87GN 98GTP

    Vacuum brake pedal

    As described for conversion going to vacuum Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  9. 87GN 98GTP

    Powermaster/brake ???

    So my 1st GN years ago I had to replace the powermaster as the pedal would barely brake and swapped to vacuum. My latest GN the other day, the brake pedal was very hard (brake light was on)like the powermaster wasn't working but went away on its own, today the brake light came on but brakes were...
  10. 87GN 98GTP

    3" downpipe vs 3.5"

    Wandering if a swap would be worth it from any others with similar combos. 3.8 stroked 224/224 billet cam,pte 67/68 CEA turbo Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  11. 87GN 98GTP

    In cab dimmer switch issues

    So my car runs rough when the dimmer switch is on at night. I bought a new 1 from o'reileys and no one else like auto zone or advanced or napa carries them. The new 1 does the same thing. Tried to warranty it out and new one does same thing. I do have big stuff version 1(works fine) and checked...
  12. 87GN 98GTP

    Mickey street drag radial vs drag radial Pro

    Different tread and I know 1 can bead water with groves vs non groves but what bout the rest of it Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  13. 87GN 98GTP

    Roof has waves after track

    My mostly stock besides turbo etc one at the track didn't do it but this time after the track I noticed 2 spots where the roof has this wave like on the roof. Any ideas Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  14. 87GN 98GTP

    1st time at track(well with springs etc correct) with this buick

    Track was garbage and it was 90 with high humidity 1st run forgot to turn electronic boost on 11.8 2nd ran low boost couldn't launch just would spin with 28x12 mt et 11.3 3rd high boost 1.9 60' 11.0 4th full boost 1.7 60' 10.6@132 I tried 3k launch basically no boost and hooked but as soon as...
  15. 87GN 98GTP

    Intercooler pipe hot

    So the intercooler pipe that comes from the intercooler into the throttlebody is generally pretty hot not to burn your hand or anything and it seems not quite right Or is it because of my set up that the pipe will still get hot
  16. 87GN 98GTP

    What type of gasket for rear end

    I changed the fluid like 5 years ago and used a paper gasket however I don't think it ever sealed well. Minimal seeping at the bottom I can see but doesn't drip. So try paper again or form a gasket? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  17. 87GN 98GTP

    Please help, turbo return line leak

    It keeps leaking around the gasket on the lower area. I've tried more torque, new paper gasket, rubber gasket and hi-temp gasket maker. Every time it leaks through the lower area of the gasket and out the side and lower bolt. I take the gasket off and u can see the oil seeping on the gasket same...
  18. 87GN 98GTP

    Headlights on Dimmer switch issue is on car runs rough

    I've swapped 2 dimmer switches and still have the issue when the lights are on the car runs rough until I turn the dimmer switch off. Any ideas Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  19. 87GN 98GTP

    Driveshaft loop

    I bought this and didn't check carefully if there was 1 already. $60 plus shipping Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  20. 87GN 98GTP

    Aluminum g body drums

    Purchased these 4 months ago and put on my car, however I've decided to just go rear disc soon so I'm just selling. Great shape painted $100 plus shipping Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app