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  1. grass doctor

    old oil fill tube...

    who's got an old crappy oil fill tube laying around ....dont need the cap dents ....will be refurbished ....thank you for your time ....
  2. grass doctor

    Looking for a turbo T hood ornament

    looking for the red, white and blue buick shields with 3.8 liter on it ....the one that came on the 87 T's....thank you for time ....
  3. grass doctor

    need some turbo T lug nuts

    looking for a nice set ....thank you for your time ...
  4. grass doctor

    private certificate notice ...couldnt log on

    today mid afternoon ....I had could not access sight...said authenticity certificate expired or something ...said site was not private ... just heads up ...had heard from some other gents ...they got same thing ...thx guys
  5. grass doctor

    looking for set of stock heads in Georgia area

    buddy of mine building a motor for his daughter Georgia ...thank you for your consideration ....
  6. grass doctor

    how to be PC ....hilarous.....

  7. grass doctor

    why dont we defund foreign countries....

    So another one of my crazy ideas I had while roasting in the sun on my tractor today ....LOL.... so I know this is a radical and selfish thought ...but just sayin....these are rough numbers and not 100 percent accurate and from the here goes ... In fiscal year 2017 (October 1st, 2016...
  8. grass doctor

    WWE has lost their minds

  9. grass doctor

    alum front bumper supports

    85$ shipped
  10. grass doctor

    Have a safe and memorable ...Memorial Day 2020

    Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it....
  11. grass doctor

    looking for a set of 3797 VR head gaskets thx !

    Need some for a close to factory rebuild ...thank you for your time ...
  12. grass doctor

    nos 84/85 heater core ..TB's..

    for sale : 84/85 OEM heater core NOS 150 $ (pretty rare)... (2) 86/87 OEM throttle bodies used and cleaned ... one with linkage 120$ without linkage 60$ all prices are plus shipping pal FF or add the 3% your choice ...thx
  13. grass doctor

    ash tray lid springs ...

    hey guys does anyone have a pair of these things ...they are actually not springs but to wires so to speak.... bent with tension on them...I am trying to make some so a pic would also help is you have one laying around ... im sure they took these things off for their switch plate that is...
  14. grass doctor

    two girls quaratine

    @ Jerryl ...@ KC87
  15. grass doctor

    need 5 things from the grocery

    Ok you can only get 5 things form the grocery store ... have to start with the first letter of your first name .... GO... 1. meat 2. mushrooms 3. mustard 4. macaroni 5. mahi mahi
  16. grass doctor

    scan master for sale 180 $. shipped

    it is what it is ... I hate that saying :p
  17. grass doctor

    happy leap year

    so this day only exists every four years WTF... so go buy all your one year warranty parts today ... and actually get a 4 year warranty :p:unsure::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  18. grass doctor

    swain coatings

    has anyone ever used them for coating pistons or experience with any coatings for engine components in our cars...swain tech coatings ??
  19. grass doctor

    TPS sensors the good ones

    I have a few of these brand new... for sale 120$ shipped