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  1. GNandTTA

    $100 Package Deal & $100 Tool Deal

    PM sent
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    New Performance Parts & NOS T Center Caps

    pm sent on the injectors chip combo
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    TTA aftermaket intercooler - who is still making them?

    Looking to see who is still making them. Tried calling Jim Dunn but never got a call back.
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    60 LB Injectors

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    TR6 ignition and Coils $400

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  6. GNandTTA

    Intermittent code 41

    Was cruising at about 30 mph and all of a sudden I could feel the engine bog down, the PLX A/F gauge went from around 14 to pinned at 18+ and then bounced back to around 14 in less than a second. This happened about 3 or 4 times then the Check Engine Light came on. Did it a few more times while...
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    TT Chip and 60 lbs for sale

    pm sent
  8. GNandTTA

    Door handle insulation

    One of the doors on my 87 GN is missing this little circular piece of insulation that goes on the inside door handle. Anybody have one?
  9. GNandTTA

    Accurately measure pressure output from alky pump

    Wanted to make a pump pressure tester which is available all the time with just a hit of a button. I do not see how you could get an accurate measurement of pump output with the nozzle hooked up? So I was planning on putting a tee in the line and connect an alcohol safe transducer and then...
  10. GNandTTA

    Connect Power Logger to Autometer 2246 sending unit?

    I have Autometer #5763 100 psi fuel pressure gauges in both cars. They have the Autometer #2246 sending unit. Can I just tap into the sending unit wire going to the gauge and use it for the Power Logger? Any problems doing this?
  11. GNandTTA

    Factory radio mounting brackets

    Need a set after some a-hole raped my 87 GN. The alarm saved the car but they still had time to grab the radio.
  12. GNandTTA

    Jacksonville HVAC

    Going to install my own HVAC systems in newly purchased home in JAX and having trouble finding an HVAC guy to just do the final inspection and test. All places I have called want to supply the equipment and do the full install. Just thought I would ask if anyone can help or know of someone that...
  13. GNandTTA

    Anyone good with car alarms?

    Not always. Any good alarm will still lock out the starter. Code Alarm and most others I've installed do. What you can do is locate the alarm box and jump the starter kill wires - bypassing the starter kill. Probably have to pull the fuse(s) on the alarm so it does not go off after the pre-set time.
  14. GNandTTA

    Any good hyd roller lifters other than clicky Comps?

    damn, now sub'd
  15. GNandTTA

    Possibly moving to Houston - traffic

    We are thinking of possibly moving to Houston and I was wondering what the traffic is like. We are currently in Chicago. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being New York and Chicago being 9), how does Houston rate? Thanks in advance.
  16. GNandTTA

    Jacksonville relocation

    We will likely be relocating to the Jacksonville area. Looking at purchasing a home on ½ acre – want to build dream garage. Price range around $600,000. Can anyone offer locations to look at or locations to not look at? We will be taking a trip down to Jacksonville in mid January.
  17. GNandTTA

    Schrader Tee, Antenna, Weatherstrip, Lock, Air Bags, AMP, Hotwire, +++

    Is the Replacement Radio Power Antenna the whole antenna, motor and all?