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  1. xtremexnyc

    GNX Flares welting strips and installation tips

    Thank you for the suggestion Ray.
  2. xtremexnyc

    GNX Flares welting strips and installation tips

    Thank you! He did some amazing work on that car and I must have looked through his thread so many times. I will message him.
  3. xtremexnyc

    GNX Flares welting strips and installation tips

    Hello All, I have a set of GNX flares I bought used that I have been on the fence of installing. I am looking for the welting strips and checked Kirban's. It looks like they no longer sell them. Does anyone know where else I can get them? Also are the welting strips required to install the...
  4. xtremexnyc

    For Sale or Trade: Immaculate 87 Turbo T

    I went to this event and saw this car in person. Pictures does not do it justice as it is more stunning in person. Good luck with the sale.
  5. xtremexnyc

    Engine builder in maryland
  6. xtremexnyc

    spools fillers

    Since i am in NY. Mike had advised me to reach out to Kirban.
  7. xtremexnyc

    Barn find. No low ball offers please.

    Oh man! This is worth more than an ATR exhaust. Good find and good luck with the sale.:)
  8. xtremexnyc

    PowerMaster Motor Cycling

    When was the last time the fluid was changed? Changing the fluid can help also.
  9. xtremexnyc

    Long oil filter options?

    I run a Wix Filter 51036. I had read somewhere if the motor mounts are bad. The longer filter could hit the control arm.
  10. xtremexnyc

    bumper fillers

    Give Kirban's a call since they are on the Coast.
  11. xtremexnyc

    Lots of never used high end parts Janis Level 1 200R4 Trans, GBP 18" GNX wheels, Casper Harness, NOS parts, can bring to Lorenz show Friday!
  12. xtremexnyc

    m233roller (Mike) - great seller!

    Just wanted to add to this. I just purchased some parts from him and as always he is top notch!
  13. xtremexnyc

    Any Interest ?? Parting 87 - GN Show Car

    Wow I didn't realize that this was a second car. I remember the first one with the gasser rims on it. I'm sorry for what happened.
  14. xtremexnyc

    Any Interest ?? Parting 87 - GN Show Car

    Interested in the Brand new heavy duty rear engine brace from RJC. $85 . Sent you a conversation. Thank you
  15. xtremexnyc

    Buick 1 German junk 0

    Good kill! Here in NYC I am not sure what's up with these ass clowns in their BMW's etc and especially those in their Infiniti Q crap tailgating to egg someone into a race. It's happening more often now.
  16. xtremexnyc

    Bison Performance!

    It was late at night and I went to start the GN. Car started fine but it was starting to run rough. I texted Brian and with in minutes he answered back and walked me through some steps with the XFI. Car is running fine again. Thanks again Brian for the support.
  17. xtremexnyc

    Spoolfool and Kirbans!

    Ordered a set of Spoolfool front bumper fillers from Kriban Performance. I received the package with in a day! These fillers are perfect and worth the money. No issues, No drama, No bs. Thank you for the great product and service!
  18. xtremexnyc


    I am sorry I do not have pictures. I believe Expat_dude has some pics of his beautiful GN with 275/45/16
  19. xtremexnyc

    Bison; Take my money!

    For the past couple of years I have been going to him. I have had nothing but good results! Always worked with me and very fair. He helped me get to my goals and as the funds allow I will always go to him to get the car faster. Bison! Thank you always. I know he is a busy dude so I don’t bother...